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Opinion Letters When will we say ‘enough is enough?’

The Republicans and their Tea Party extremists accuse Democrats of inciting class warfare. It is now apparent the GOP, representing the elite two percent of our country, has declared war on the rest of us. Their budget communicates a total disregard, if not downright disdain, for seniors, the disabled and those who live from paycheck to paycheck. In our last election the GOP campaigned on “Taking Our Country Back.” Their budget appears to Take America Backward to the 1920s based on proposals to eliminate our social safety net, eliminate financial and safety regulations and turn the economy over to new Robber Barons.

These extremists led us to believe they only opposed affordable health care for the uninsured. Not so. They advertise a desire to make social programs sustainable. Their solutions replace Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security with privatized services that cost more and do not insure coverage or efficiency. On the other hand, their solutions would make the Wall Street Barons wealthier and highly sustainable.

Their track record is not good. Medicare D is a case in point. The Bush administration designed it with drug and insurance companies. The program discourages competitive bidding and uses insurance companies for administration. It is costly, confusing and the only part of Medicare we have difficulty using as seniors. The drug and insurance companies seem to be doing quite well.

During the Reagan administration, the rich in our country controlled 33 percent of the nations wealth. Their control of wealth has increased to 40 percent today. Much of the wealth creation has come from generous tax benefits and government contracts provided by the GOP for the Wall Street elite. During this same period the rest of us lost purchasing power.

When will we say enough is enough? When will we stand up for those in need? Jackson County citizens will take a stand at the fountain in Sylva on Saturday, May 7, at 10:30 a.m. to oppose the radical budget plans in Congress and support our seniors, the disabled and the uninsured. Join our rally and send a message to the GOP that we are to be reckoned with. Let’s demand they preserve the Affordable Healthcare Act, Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security and require the wealthy to pay their fair share in taxes.

Ron Robinson — Proud Democrat


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