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Opinion Letters Wonder why we don’t have jobs?

I moved here from eastern North Carolina over 30 years ago and at that time Macon County was growing and there were plenty of jobs, as was the rest of the country. Look what our elected officials have done for us. Because of all the government regulations we have just about stopped developments and building in Macon County, which means jobs gone. Without jobs we cannot pay the taxes it takes to pay the salaries for the people necessary to enforce these regulations.

On the federal level it is no secret why our companies are going to other countries.

The so called free trade agreement was only free to the other countries that were involved in this agreement. These countries are not burdened with workman’s comp., O.S.H.A, Environmental Protection, ACLU, and matching Social Security, along with many other government regulations. Because they go out of this country they also get many other tax breaks as well as not having to deal with unions.

Our government leads us to believe that it is the cost of labor that makes these companies leave when in fact our labor force is the most efficient in the world. It is Government regulations from the counties to Washington that stifles our growth and sends our jobs abroad. We do not need government to regulate everything we do.

A hundred years ago we did not have all these government regulations and we were the most prosperous nation in the world.

People need to get involved first on our local level and then on the state and federal levels. Start by going to our town and county meetings and voice your opinions. Only you can make things change.

Larry Turlington — Franklin, N.C.


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