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Opinion Letters Motocross track would yield many benefits

Enough already of people criticizing, complaining and opposing Bud Talley’s vision of The Talley Farms Motocross Track, or whatever he wants to call it. It’s time someone wrote a positive response to his idea. I guess I’m the one to do it, because I support his plan 100%. Smoke is not just blowing here; I’m stating facts from personal interaction with the Talley family, and with other native Maconians.

I write this not from reading other letters, but from word of mouth, due to the fact I do not read the Franklin Press or Macon County News on a regular basis.

A few points need to be clarified, defended or discarded on the subject. Number one, what is the problem with the youth of WNC and surrounding areas having a place to go and compete with other youths? If 300 young people are at the Talley Farm Motorcross Track and your home is broken into on that weekend, is this not 300 people to eliminate as suspects? Yes, because they have something better to do, competing on the motorcross track. This is just one example, I have many more but space does not permit me to go on and on.

From what I’ve heard someone wrote a letter stating they knew Hazel Talley, (Bud’s mom), and that she would be opposed to this track. I’m sorry, but you’re wrong you knew a different Hazel Talley from the one that owned Talley Farms. I have talked to Hazel for many hours over the years I knew her. One of her main concerns was she always wanted good things for young people to do. If Hazel were here today she would push Bud to go ahead and build his track. It would not be for personal gain, but for satisfaction of helping so many young people reach their goals and dreams.

If the track was built and running today Hazel Talley would be there, smiling and rooting the contestants on. Bud’s vision of this comes deep rooted from his mom’s desire for entertainment for young people and their families. The Talley Farms Motorcross Track would bring many people to this area that travel to other locations to compete in this type of competition at least two to three times a year. The ones from other areas would need a place to get fuel, a place to eat, or buy food, and somewhere to stay. Would not gas stations, motels, grocery stores and restaurants benefit? Yes they would.

With all the positive things that would happen to this area I ask, what is the problem? Are you worried about the noise? How many of you whiners watch Nascar or pro sports? What if the people near these venues had whined and stopped these facilities from being built? Do you get my drift? How many of those opposed to this motorcross track, complain about Missions MAMA helicopter flying low over their house? If you complained, you’re never used MAMA to fly a loved one to Mission or other hospital.

In closing I hope Bud and his family fulfill their vision of the motor cross track. I would if I had the means to. Bud does not want to make his neighbors mad at him for doing this. How many of those opposed pay more taxes to this county than the Talley family? Also how many opposed to this is native to N.C.? How many are native Maconians? I was just wondering. My advice to Bud is go ahead, if you build it they will come!

Doug Hogsed — Franklin, N.C.


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