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Opinion Letters America blessed once again

Prior to becoming a pastor here in Franklin, I was a lieutenant in the Fairfax County Sheriff’s Office on duty at the time of 9/11 (Fairfax is contiguous to Arlington County where the Pentagon is located).

I witnessed firsthand the open wound of the Pentagon, saw the cadaver dogs looking for our beloved dead citizens in the wreckage, and worked to set up a makeshift morgue to receive the remains of body parts from the horrific disaster of 9/11.

I was thankful to God then as a law enforcement officer for our American Firefighters who refreshed the hearts of our grieving country by their heroic service to save life, and I am now equally grateful to the Lord as a Christian pastor for our American Armed Forces who have renewed our hearts in the noble sentiment that justice will be served.

Remember Todd Beamer and many in United Flight 93 before they died in Shanksville prayed the Lord’s Prayer, which included the phrase, “Deliver us from evil.” Perhaps, in our gratitude as one nation under God, I can offer an application that the Almighty has answered that prayer by delivering the U.S. from the sinister evil of an al-Qaida operative.

Furthermore, God’s wisdom is indeed matchless—He moved a Republican President to righteously hunt this evil henchman, but He used a Democratic President to bring him to justice—all to show that administering justice is not a political thing, it is an All-American accomplishment under the sovereign hand of God. Indeed, God has blessed our nation once again.

Dr. Kenneth R. Jones, Pastor
Grace Presbyterian Church

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