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Opinion Letters Cutting spending is an imperative first step

From now through the presidential election of 2012, America will be having an important debate between those who want to continue to spend money we don’t have and those who want to reduce the spending that has brought us to the edge of economic disaster. Of primary concern will be issues regarding the size and scope of our federal government and a reminder that our Constitution limits its power. While those on the left continue to ignore the fact that we have a Constitution that limits the power and scope of the federal government, those on the right continue to remind them of those limitations.

The first paragraph of Ben Utley’s (Chairman Of The Macon County Democratic Party) recent letter to the editor regarding raising the debt and the scope of the federal government speaks volumes about the mindset of those on the left.

The assumption that the federal government is responsible at all for the “health” of “its people” is contrary to the Constitution itself. The Constitution never mentions the word “health” but does use the words “general welfare,” and Mr. Utley referring to us as “its people” gives the impression that we are subordinate to the federal government when, in fact, the federal government is subordinate to We the People.

It seems to me that the reference to the federal government being responsible for our health is code word for Obamacare, another federal government invention to mandate more, control more, spend more and enable more, and the words “welfare of its people” suggests that we need to be taken care of by the great federal nanny state. The Constitution states that “We the People” established the constitution to “promote the general welfare,” not to get on welfare.

While it is gracious of Mr. Utley to suggest a timetable for the Tea Party or anyone else to “fight for those values” regarding the national budget and spending, I suggest that it’s always the right time to fight for those values in which you strongly believe. Mr. Utley was quick to ask for solidarity for an increase in the debt ceiling, but not surprising was the absence of the asking for a reduction of spending commensurate to the amount of debt ceiling increase. Raising the debt ceiling first (or at all) would be putting the cart before the horse, and we all know how well that works out.

Mr. Utley asks representatives to wait to debate, that it would only bog us down. Debate never “bogs” us down; debate is the blood of our political system, that which makes us come up with the best solutions, the best candidates, and a responsible fiscal foundation. I encourage therefore, Mr. Utley and our Democratic neighbors in Macon County to join us in pushing for the immediate passage of legislation that will mean a reduction in spending equal to any increase in the national debt ceiling. This is one time we need to work together! Then later, we can work on other aspects of a secure and prosperous nation.

Chris Murray, Chairman
Macon County Republican Party


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