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Opinion Letters

The people have been told for years, particularly by Republican candidates running for the General Assembly: "We will cut your taxes."

They have cut your taxes if you made over $88,000 per year. If you have made less than that you have seen no cut and, in most cases, have seen your taxes raised. You may not have a raise in income tax but you will probably pay much more every day for sales tax.

They have imposed sales taxes on electricity, natural gas, entertainment and movies.They have increased tax rates from 2 percent to 4.75 percent on modular homes and manufactured homes (Mobile homes) and taken off the cap on the maximum tax.

You will also be paying sales tax for your dentist, doctor, mechanic, electrician, plumber and for work done on service contracts. You will now pay sales tax on farm equipment and if you gross less than $10,000 per year, you will lose your farm deduction.


Back in the 1760’s, 70’s, and 80’s The King of England taxed the populace (that’s us) unfairly with fees on specific groups and products.

Here’s an updated version for 2014/2015 from the King in Washington D.C.

To Wit: Let us create a new way to collect our revenues by eliminating benefits the populace have long enjoyed. We will take them away by raising the qualified deduction so high that only the rich could apply them to their tax forms. These would include donations to places of worship, helping the poor, feeding the hungry and clothing the naked. This action would increase our revenues and reduce the claims against it. We will also the increase the burden of complying by requiring needed assistance in preparing proper reporting forms. Let this system be in effect in all the states.


One can only speculate as to the motives of William Trapani and Shirley Ches, when both of them made very public references in local newspapers concerning the Macon County Republican Convention, held March 14, 2015. Mr. Trapani, a veteran, patriot, and frequent visitor to the Republican Headquarters last summer and fall became a champion of Republican candidates to his fellow veterans prior to the election. On March 14, Mr. Trapani attempted to register as a delegate at the Macon County GOP Convention. The North Carolina Republican Plan of Organization requires all attendees to county Republican conventions to be registered Republicans by January 31 in order to be seated as a delegate at the convention. Mr. Trapani had not changed his registration by January 31. He was informed that he could not be seated as a delegate and was graciously offered to be seated as a guest, but he refused and left immediately. If Mr. Trapani was not aware of the January 31 requirement we would have appreciated the opportunity to explain that to him. A member of our credentials committee even followed him to the door in an attempt to explain the reason he could not be seated as a delegate, but he left. We were only playing by the rules.


Some believe or question that there is no evidence for God, so therefore faith is foolish and belief is nothing more than wishful thinking, it is only science that is based on evidence and is trustworthy. This is much of the thinking in atheism and people such as Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris and others. This is now part of modern thinking, and it's now politically correct to question anything in reference towards God, and it’s only acceptable if kept in the confines of church. This steering away from faith is evident within politics and any form of education. But science too, has tremendous faith in what can't be proven physically. Science gives sources for energy, gravity, and light, but where are its origins, where do these come from? Gravity keeps our feet to the ground, holds our earth, solar system and universe in place, but where do we point to its beginning source? Does guessing or wishful thinking get us there? Does science say of gravity, belief in gravity is just a crutch for living because you can't point to a physical piece of gravity? They ask you this if you have faith and belief in God.


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