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Talk about making a mountain out of a mound -- whoever is making this a big deal needs to see the upside of allowing the EBCI to retain control of this site. I pass the Cherokee Mound almost daily and am always wondering why this historic site hasn't been restored.

If the town can't take proper care of it, why not allow the EBCI to do so? What's the big fuss? We build special roads to let sovereign multi-national corporations take over our town and put local business out of business and siphon our money back to its sole owners in Arkansas (hello Walmart!). Yet, we think it's a big deal that a tribe that once ruled the lands here wants a sacred place back. Let them have it, let them restore it, let it be a sign of co-operation and provide a sign of respect for the people that once lived here. It's really a win-win, since the Cherokee Mound should be a tourist draw if restored. P eople do come to the area for its historic significance, why not make it a museum next to the mound? Celebrate the presence of this sacred site and make the now ugly entrance to Franklin something other than run down auto shops and metal buildings.

Franklin is missing an opportunity to be a destination for those interested in Cherokee history, just as it fails to exploit its place as a center for outdoor action and recreation.

J.C. Tripp — Franklin, N.C.

On Sept. 9, the National Audubon Society released the results of several years’ worth of studies that predict the future ranges of 588 North American bird species taking into account measurable levels of accelerated global warming (http://climate.audubon.org). The bird census data that was used in these studies came from citizen derived Christmas Bird Counts as well as Breeding Bird Surveys. Both of these bird survey methods have been frequently carried out in communities around our state and across North America. The weather data for the studies came from the National Weather Data Center and from leading climatologists.

Very briefly, distribution maps of the various bird species were generated and associated with existing climatic characteristics. Then, subtle predicted changes in precipitation, season onset, and temperature were added to the computerized models and new future bird distributions were predicted.


We have been lied to many times by legislators, who have overturned good laws for the people’s benefit to be replaced by very damaging ones to the middle class and lower income people. The corporations and wealthier people reaped a bonanza.

How can we, the people, trust Senator Jim Davis who cosponsored the bill to lift the moratorium on fracking? Or his Republican colleagues who are serving the oil companies in every way they can to conceal the dangerous fracking fluids toxicity (described openly by some as causing cancer, nerve damage, etc.). By others a lethal cocktail of various chemicals, salt water and sand to be pumped permanently deep into the earth in what is called wells; for containment of waste material; too toxic to haul anywhere to dump! Will an earthquake someday spew it into areas of our state?


What country do we live in and what was done with America? I have asked myself this question many times.

The America I love and grew up in was a shining light for truth and justice, a champion of freedom, a haven of hope; she was a dependable friend to her allies, a formidable fortress against her foes and those who would trespass against the human rights and dignity of others and a country whose integrity and ideals could be esteemed. The Office of the President was held in high regard, and America was a place where people were proud to work hard and be responsible for their own destinies, and happy to contribute to the common welfare of the country. It was a place where laws were honored and a man's conscience respected, children cherished and nurtured. And, for those wanting to better themselves, it offered a legal process whereby one could come and ultimately attain citizenship, and be free to embrace “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” by learning American culture, working hard, and sharing one's talents. It was a place where the gov't put in place by our forefathers, and, defended with their own blood, was kept intact and God was freely acknowledged as the source of our freedoms and blessings; a place where the federal government had its limits and individual initiative was highly valued ... I could go on and on.


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