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Opinion Letters

The Friends of the Scottish Tartans Museum would like to thank our community for their support in buying tickets and giving donations for the Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser at Fatz Restaurant on Saturday, Oct. 16.

Kudos to all the Friends members who sold tickets, made thistle flower centerpieces, and volunteered to work during the breakfast. Jim Akins received a check for $1,279 to benefit the Scottish Tartans Museum.

We all appreciate Chris Watts and Susan Sanders, great people who have made Fatz a real part of our community. Special thanks go to our teenage volunteers: Marisol Belman, Destiny Blanchard, James Candalino, and Lisa Walker.

We, the members of the Friends, are proud to work together to help the only museum in the U.S. dedicated to tartan wear. When our community works together, anything is possible.

Merrilee Bordeaux — Franklin, N.C.

In a past editorial it was stated that, if Christianity is to survive in this world, it must re-invent or evolve itself to be relevant. It must be logical and quit lying to it's members about such fairy tale’s as in Noah's Ark and Creation. A letter from Mr. Hill in the Oct. 2 issue of the Macon News, identified and gave credit towards evidence for both Noah and creation, which I totally am in agreement. Also if this story needs to be evolved, it is man that has to fulfill this evolving process, then we cannot trust a book that is in need of re-ajustment for the whims of man's thinking in reguards to God, creation and humanity within history, if so, then man becomes god.


The Republican Party in North Carolina have repeated, time after time, that the public schools were broken. Since they have taken over the legislature they have tried to make this come true.

They have not suceeded. Franklin High School has been rated in the top 30 percent of high schools in the nation. This honor can be attributed to Macon County commissioners and the board of education who have it possible. The school administration, all the teachers, from kindergarten through the high school,who have provided the education and the parents, who have expected the students to get a good education, have made it happen.


Prayer works miracles in you and through you, therefore let prayer be a joy for you.

Your relationship with life will be deeper and more open and a gift for each of you. With open and purified hearts God will fill them with His love.

Trust in His chosen shepherds and pray that they have the strength and the love to lead you by whose hands He has consecrated. Pray for our country which has gone astray from our God – allowing abortions, euthanasia and same sex marriage. Be aware of those around us, that can use a helping hand, along with praying for them. Those who walk toward a Heavely Father with love and faith will be saved.


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