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Another shooting in a "Gun Free" zone.

In a school, like the schools in Macon, you know, gun free zones where only bad guys have guns.

Where our children are being slaughtered because some narrow minded anti-gun freaks think that a sticker on the door will make the bad guys turn away.

Reality check: It does not work, it did not work in Oregon and it will not work in Macon.

Gino De Neef — Franklin, N.C.

It’s good for parents to teach their children to make and build things. It is likewise good to teach their children to grow things, such as farmed vegetables and the like.

No matter the substances or the well being and abundance of any family there will always be good times and hard times. In the time of, or at the beginning of World War II, it was suggested that families begin what was called a victory garden in their yards to grow vegetables, in town or country. At this time in 2015 there are very few farms and dairy barns in Macon County and other countries. Recently, there has been numerous business investments, some of which are not on a solid foundation. It is like sowing seed into the wind.

The Bible verse, Hosea 8:7 communicates. “For they have sown to the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind.”

Many years ago, the Franklin High School had an agriculture class about farming. But it is gone, where did it go? “Gone with the wind.”

Floyd Cruse — Franklin, N.C.

This week we’ve heard from the “BB&T Distinguished Professor of Capitalism” at WCU, hyping the corporate dog and pony show at WCU on Oct. 5, preaching the morality of the free market.

According to Wikipedia: “The BB&T Corporation (Branch Banking & Trust) is the 10th largest commercial bank in the United States, based in Winston-Salem, with around $200 billion in assets.

In late 2008 the bank accepted $3.1 billion in bailout money through the sale of its preferred shares to the U.S. Treasury's Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP).

In May 2008, the BB&T Charitable Foundation had given 25 U.S. colleges and universities "several million dollars" to fund programs promoting Ayn Rand's work and economic philosophy.”


Thank you for publishing my letter in last week's edition of the Macon County News. I sincerely appreciate the courtesy. There is certainly a long list of complaints with regard to the new recreational complex, many of which I previously mentioned.

I see in this week's edition that Mr. London of Heritage Hills, adjacent to Parker Farms, has brought up a very important issue with regard to the shoddy condition of Maxwell Home Road caused during the extended construction of the park due to the heavily loaded trucks going up and down the road all day long during the week. When the project was stalled due to the finding of the remains of a Cherokee, the work schedule was then stepped up to include heavy trucks moving earth and carrying equipment on the weekends as well. The addition of the weekend schedule caused more traffic and noise from early in the morning and more abuse of the road.

After a year long of putting up with the construction noise, trucks barreling through and foul aromas of brush burning and asphalt for the parking lots, the planners have left Maxwell Home Road in a shambles with the band aid type repairs, as Mr. London stated. To add insult to injury, where are the Leland Cypress trees that were supposed to be planted directly along the park to buffer the noise coming from the park? Buffers? Trees? Nope, not one.


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