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My wife and I just completed ten weeks at the "Macon County Sheriff's Department's Citizens Academy."

I am writing to commend Sheriff Holland and his dynamic staff for a job well done. The whole academy was presented in a very organized, professional manner.

I really got the impression that the entire staff of presenters truly believed in their mission of protecting the citizens of Macon County with compassion.


Now that the state legislature is in short session, one of the themes is “regulatory reform.” Let’s examine what their version of reform has meant to you so far.

Until the ash spill, Duke Power has gotten off the hook for their groundwater contamination. Your corporate neighbor can contaminate groundwater up to your property boundary – like it will stop there. We’re still waiting to see whether they’ll take serious action to address this ongoing hazard to your health.

Gas exploration companies can explore under your land without your permission. If most of your neighbors agree to allow drilling for fracking on their land, you may be forced into a contract to allow fracking on your property. Your tax dollars are currently being spent to explore WNC for the gas companies. Your tax dollars will be used to pay for the increased road repairs, police protection and emergency services that go along with fracking.


Let’s be crystal clear. Fracking – the extraction of natural gas and oil by horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing – which Senator Davis and Rep. West so swiftly helped authorize in North Carolina’s SB 786 last week, is not in the best interest of the citizens of North Carolina.

That act, which has now been signed into law by Gov. McCrory, is not about energy independence; why then would that same law empower a site study on North Carolina’s coast for a terminal to export that liquid natural gas? Nor is it about jobs; based on the experience of the 21 other states which allow fracking, work created by that industry would be relatively short term and low paying, the better jobs being brought in from the big oil and gas companies.


David Snell's letter of June 5 concerning the murderous attack by Israel on the USS Liberty illustrates the lengths to which Israel will go in their self serving policies and clearly proves once again that no politician dare criticize anything Israel does, regardless of how damaging to our interests. To criticise Israel one risks the label of being an "anti-Semite" which is nonsense but very effective in curbing criticisms.

Israel was in a state of war with Egypt and wanted the USA to become involved with our troops and assets, but they knew that short of a violent provocation or attack that was not going to happen. So Israel decided to attack the Liberty and claim that the Egyptians had committed the atrocious act so we would join their efforts. But they got caught and instead made the bogus claim that they made a mistake.


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published: 10/18/2013
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