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A well written heartfelt letter last week about the new recreational park. While I can’t speak for all my neighbors in the three subdivisions that surround the complex, I also feel like collateral damage as well here in the Heritage Hills neighborhood situated next to Parker Meadows. Not only have we put up with construction noise, filthy roads (Maxwell Home Road), and endless burning smoke and fumes of the tree stumps and debris (with diesel fuel yet), we now have that same Maxwell Home Road left in a patched up shambles that barely qualifies as a road anymore.

Do the planners really think those heavily laden trucks and heavy equipment operators have no impact on our road? Where’s our new road? Patching the holes and shoulders with substandard materials that won’t last the winter is not the answer. Paving it after the fact would certainly be a nice gesture for the local citizens who have endured so much. Is that too much to ask? I’d sure like a response.

David London — Franklin, N.C.

I am currently collecting poems, letters, sketches, essays and other writings about the horse's crucial but much underappreciated role in the American Civil War. My plan is to compile the list of titles into a collection to be shared with educators and readers.

(More than a million horses died in the bloody four-year conflict, yet their vast contribution and sacrifice is often overlooked or ignored. I would like to do something to help change this.) I can be reached at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 828.775.4523.

Joe Elliott — Arden, N.C.

Summer is drawing to a close, and I believe, as we gather our pumpkins and fall vegetables and fruits from the stores and markets, we owe a huge "Thank You" to our local farmers and produce markets, who toil through spring, summer and even late into the autumn, to bring us delicious, fresh, tasty products.

I think particularly of the Mitchell Farm on Highway 28, the Deal Farm on Highway 64, and the various produce places and farmers' markets, which seem to be increasingly popular. Through all kinds of weather, sometimes too dry or hot, too wet or cool, they labor to present healthy, wholesome foods to satisfy the needs and demands of the public. We owe this segment of our society a heartfelt, huge vote of thanks.

Joyce Roberts — Franklin, N.C.

To me this project is straight from Heaven, it is so Godlike.

My point is that there will be none that will not be touched in some way by this beautiful house. It might not be you as a patient, but it might be you visiting a patient.

I like the idea that it looks like our part of the country – that the contractors didn't just come in with their overpowering equipment. It looks like a residence.

Everyone, no matter who you are, may be able to benefit from The Hospice House.

Nancy Cox — Highlands, N.C.

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