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I was introduced to Mister Jeb at a cocktail party in Miami many years ago. I saw a nice young man very nervous. The powers in the Republican Party brought Jeb to Miami to groom him for a run at the governor's job in the state. He had the name of a powerful family and the party’s money to take a shot at the job. The Miami building trades, contractors, and unions were invited to the party to meet him.

He brought his wife and children there also. We were told he was in his family’s oil business and moved to south Florida. He later was placed in charge of the Republican Party in the Miami area. Jeb ran the first time knowing he couldn’t win, but getting his name out was important. He ran again and was a winner. The Cuban element was strong Republican, why I’ll never know because Carter opened Florida’s door to them and they came. They jumped on Jeb’s band wagon.


It has been widely reported by the national media that Hillary Clinton possesses the endorsements of approximately two-thirds of the Democrats in the U.S. House and three-fourths of the Democrats in the Senate. Bernie Sanders (on the other hand) has only two endorsements of House Democrats and none in the Senate where he's a member. The prevailing theory is that Bernie's too liberal and therefore unelectable.

Now I'm not a rocket scientist but it seems to me this situation places Bernie in a rather precarious position. The proverbial writing would seem to be on the wall that Bernie’s days as a viable candidate for president are severely numbered. It would surprise this writer not at all if Bernie was to concede early to Hillary, even before the Iowa caucus and NH primary (or shortly thereafter) to avoid a long, drawn out, and expensive primary battle.


Life is quite a mystery at times. In fact it can be downright confusing.

In the Middle East we have radical Islamists beheading innocent women and children in the apparent belief that it will somehow teach a dead person a lesson. Maybe it’s me but I didn’t know there were any lessons the dead can learn. But the really sad part is that it’s been going on for 1400 years and nothing has changed. Go figure.

The Jews moved into an area and made it successful but now the Palestinians are jealous of the Jews because of their success and hate themselves for their own failures. Go figure.


Thank you to BI-LO for them allowing our Chapter of Vietnam Veterans OF America, Chapter 994 to having a membership drive and raffle table at their Franklin store on 24th and 25th of October 2015 which turned out to a very successful event.

Thank you to each and everyone for making donations, buying raffle tickets and purchasing our merchandise (fellowshipping with our Chapter members) which goes toward our scholarship fund.

Frank Hunter, VVA Chapter President

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