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Thanks to Brittney Parker for recent and excellent article on recycling in TheMacon County News. Although the state of North Carolina has banned aluminum cans, plastic bottles and cardboard in landfills for years, who around here would have known?

Macon Solid Waste does a good job of providing recycling outlets to gather and sell recyclables; however, they need to better inform citizens of the rules.

Sadly, recycling isn’t mandatory, but more education can be dispensed at the dropoffs where most people “dump their trash.”


There a saying, “As a man thinketh, so is he.” The inner world within the mind, determines the actions outside of the mind. This can be outwardly expressed in any form through physical actions or speech. This inner world is not just built on forces around us, but is built on past histories and seeing how things work up to the present, and they form a basis of what we consider to be truth and values, which works to influence the world around us. This is not obtained by just rubbing shoulders with life but should be done with careful consideration and thought of what right or wrong thinking truly is. If this is not thought out carefully the consequences could be detrimental to one's well-being as well as the wellbeing of a nation, whether realized or not.


The issue of fracking by the oil and gas industry - already one of the most controversial issues of our time - is not a political issue, but one which has the potential to forever alter the quality of life for each of us, regardless of our beliefs.

Our mountain area, source of pristine water for the region around us, is at risk. Our property rights have been placed in jeopardy by the new law. Farming and natural beauty would be permanently destroyed wherever the industry chooses to drill. There are reams of data and references to violations by the O & G industry in other states, as well as negligence by the regulatory agencies.

But...let us suppose that everything works exactly as the O&G industry tells us it will - and so far, they have a history of failed promises. But let’s imagine for a moment that fracking in North Carolina is done in a perfect world.


An article in the June 6 edition of The Franklin Press about the board of commissioners budget workshop credited me with a statement that I never made about Cowee Fire Department having the highest fire tax and an ISO rating of 9. This can be verified by logging onto and scrolling down to part Eight- Presentations by Volunteer Fire Depts. 1 to view the video.

In the June 27 edition of the same paper and after calling the reporter but never calling me, Cowee Fire Chief Dustin Pendergrass submitted a letter to the editor accusing me of making slanderous and erroneous statements without doing research, implying that I don’t support local fire departments and that I may be the next person needing emergency assistance.


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