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Opinion Letters

On the way to Wilmington using the smaller roads off the Interstate I found it depressing to note so many of what appeared to have been small manufacturing businesses shut down.

Empty parking lots told the story of what was probably a previously bustling business and a source of jobs no longer there. In some of the smaller towns, one could see the effects of losing an industry, however small it may have been, with deserted stores and shops and gas stations out of business.


Since some members of the Franklin Board of Aldermen have worked hard to make the Office of Mayor adjunct to the board and not a viable part of the board, Mayor Bob Scott should begin having monthly "Mayor's Meetings" to give everyone a chance to voice anything they have to say.

It does not have to be called a "town hall" meeting, and it should include an invitation to all the 34,000 other residents of Macon County who care about the future of our county seat of Franklin and its effect on our county.


In November 2013 our world was shattered when we found out Terry had cancer. As word spread around our family and friends, prayers for Terry were started. Many called their church and put him on their prayer chains (thank you).

Then our family and friends wanted to do a benefit for us. To our amazement on Saturday night, March 29, our family and friends showed up and showed their support for us. We are very blessed to be living in this county.

We want to thank everyone who helped with the benefit. To those who got everything together, thank you so much. For all the businesses that gave donations and everyone that donated handmade items, a big thank you.


I'm not sure The Macon County News (April 10th) intended this but I could not help but notice the unmistakable contrast between John Whitehead's rather sour countenance on page 12 and the good-natured smiling faces of three of North Carolina's Congressional Representatives on the facing page (page 13).

Of course, Virginia Foxx, Mark Meadows, and Patrick McHenry have every reason to smile just as John Whitehead (explaining how our not so illustrious United States Congress is ripping us off) has every reason not to.

I cannot possibly add substantially to Whitehead's column except to say that I agree with his conclusion that Americans face a situation similar, in many respects, to those who lived in the colonial era. Of course, neither Whitehead or this writer are the first to look at our own government and draw that same conclusion.


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