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Franklin’s new mayor, Bob Scott, said he wants to encourage more young people to become entrepreneurs in the city of Franklin.

The only problem I can see with his idea is that for it to work well, it would need a larger population base and probably would have to include the entire county rather than the somewhat small population of Franklin alone.

There appears to be another problem in that we don’t have any venture capitalists in our area, or none that I know of. Ideas are sometimes born in a garage as we know but those ideas were brought to fruition by investment groups willing to take a chance on a new business inspiration.


We put our trust and faith into what is true and trusted, the evidence of things proven. Science, when it takes a ideal or hypothesis and continually tests it and if shown true, then establishes a law which we all benefit in its working of everyday life. Even if some of us do not fully understand the workings of these laws we all are governed by. Gravity and energy have been discovered but yet are not fully known where they start or come from. The old science of the past believed our earth was flat and we feared falling off its edges. As we've grown or caught up in our understanding of how these laws govern our world and universe and how it affects us, we seem to worship our universe, nature or ourselves as we discover in science, something that has always been here. We seem to go to extremes in not wanting to find or recognize the “first cause” that set all this in motion and our place within this, as, “In the beginning, God created.”


I am writing to you concerning a news statement that I heard on our local radio station's noon news on Monday, Feb. 2. According to our county government, we property taxpayers are falling behind in regard to the timely paying of our property taxes. And as a result, our county government is becoming impatient with us. In fact, the statement implied that if we did not begin paying our property taxes in a timely manner that they were going to “force” us to payup.

I am one of those people who absolutely hate paying my property taxes.

Metaphorically speaking, I hold out until the tax office comes to my house and starts measuring for drapes. Not to be plagiarizing Stephen King with a subliminal, but sometimes all a woman has left is being a “bit challenging” in order to survive this male infested world of politics.


Tom Raby Night held on Feb. 4, at the Panther Pit was a huge success! It is with much gratitude that we announce that the total collected for pancreatic cancer was $3,010! Thank you so much for your support. Donations will be earmarked for pancreatic cancer research with a portion going to the Angel Cancer Care Center. Also, a special thanks to an anonymous donor and Macon Bank for their significant contributions that helped us exceed our goal!

We would like to recognize the following individuals/ groups for their help in planning, promoting and implementing Tom Raby Night events: Principal Barry Woody, Jay Brooks, Jennifer Turner-Lynn, Michael Turner, FHS coaches/staff/players, JV and Varsity cheerleaders, Vanessa and the FHS Dance Team, FHS Athletic Booster Club, Rhonda Blanton, Bobby Coggins, local media reporters from The Franklin Press and Macon County News, Tony Angel, and volunteers Timoxena Sloan, Anne Hyder, Evelyn Southard, Bobby Kuppers, Peggy Kuppers, Nancy Shope, Barbara McRae, and Jim Breedlove.


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