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The entire country, from TV celebrities, to the smallest town, has just completed a celebration of October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It is a time for celebration because of the tremendous progress made in early detection, treatment, and even cures. This success is possible only because of the years of publicity and promotion of breast cancer awareness. “Pink” is everywhere: from all-pink newspapers to pink shoes on pro football teams. All this attention has brought funding; funding means research; research means cures. We rejoice in every life that has been saved.

However, recently, I have heard several versions of, “I am sick of pink; what about MY cancer?” Perhaps it is time to simply promote “cancer awareness.”


We had one of the largest turnouts for a great veterans Day parade and program on the square. I noticed that we had very few teenagers in attendance. This has been true for the past three or four Veterans Day parades. The only time I can remember when there were a number of them there was the year that school was in session, we had the Franklin High Band march in the parade. We wish they could do it every year and add live music to the program.


At a local meeting on Saturday, Major Andy Shields from Macon County Sheriff Department spoke regarding the man hours spent on people with severe mental health issues.

Since early 2000, funding in all states for mental health facilities has diminished, and there has been a focus to take some severe patients from secure facilities and integrate them into society. Independence Training ensued of some higher functioning patients, with an end goal of rehabilitation and part-time work. It sadly succeeded for a very few, and for several others had tragic consequences.


It's been stated there's a double standard within Christian thinking, in that we talk against discrimination in racism, but yet discriminate against homosexuality, and this seems like a contradiction to many. This subject, which no matter how you identify this, you will more than likely offend someone, which I'll try to approach in kindness towards all, because all of us are affected in some way.

Let me first state that the reason Christianity is opposed to racism, is because the individual is sacred no matter what race you or I come from. God places the ultimate value in human life and the soul of every individual. But also within Christianity, sexuality is also “sacred” and should not be violated, but considered a treasured gift from God. So if both are sacred, both are to be protected and held with respect and high regard. Protecting the individual made in the image of God, as well as marriage, where God has made man and woman for each other.


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