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My wife, Kaitlin and I both grew up in Franklin, and when we got older and got married, we both knew that we wanted to stay here in this community. One of the biggest reasons that we knew that we wanted to stay in Franklin, was the wonderful closeness of friends, families, and neighbors. We had both grown up our whole lives, seeing communities come together to support one another, and neighbors helping neighbors. It instilled in both of us a sense of how to be kind, generous, and uplifting to those less fortunate, or in need, and it’s something that we will never forget.

Never did we expect, however, that the day would come that we would be the ones on the receiving end of that same kindness and generosity. A couple of months ago, I had a very unexpected, completely unforeseen medical emergency that very nearly cost me my life. Emergency surgery saved me, but then I started on the road to recovery. The overwhelming generosity was evident immediately, as donations of food and money to help with the bills started coming in. My wife was spending her every moment caring for me, and the food was a tremendous help, but we were still worried about our medical bills, especially considering the work that we were both missing.


After I was in the service, I attended a community college for two years before transferring to a four-year institution. Many years later I taught a few courses at Greenville Tech when they were in a bind for an instructor. So I have experiences both as a student and instructor at that level.

When I was a student at my local community college, classes were offered and filled every day and evening Monday through Friday. While I worked full time I was able to get most of the credits needed for an AA to transfer to a university in the evenings alone. This was a tremendous help to a young person trying to get better prepared for the responsibilities of life.

Greenville Tech prepares thousands of people for the surging auto industry throughout their area in addition to providing traditional courses toward various two-year degrees. (I taught nursing students there.)


In recent years, being a businessman has become a dirty word and anyone who is especially successful in business is demonized. We saw that when Governor Romney was running for president and who was demonized for being successful.

Let’s see if I can break this down into its elements. Somehow, anyone who builds a business and hires people is getting rich off the backs of workers. Under this premise, one must assume that this newspaper has slaves working for it.

The alternative the Left gives us is to have everyone working for a central government where everyone does the bidding of a bureaucracy but I must remind you that the political class always get rich off the backs of the workers. The idea finally brought down communist Russia and while it still works in Cuba to some degree, control is only maintained through force and terror. Cubans are not a free people.


Health care industry not ‘free’

We cannot buy a newspaper or news magazine without being deluged with facts, figures and formulas regarding America's health care system otherwise known as "Obamacare."

Unearthing a little veracity, our health care industry is one of the (if not the) largest and most profitable institutions in America, has been for a long time, and doubtlessly will continue to be in the future. The profits, in my view, are blatantly outrageous, obscene, beyond contemptible. Diane Rowland (letters, MCN, March 20) was painfully accurate, "making a profit off the sick is a very naughty thing to do."

Interestingly enough, 3,000 years ago, in Ancient China, physicians were paid only when their patients were well (Chinese Health and Healing by Daniel Reid, 1994). Each doctor had a certain number of families for which he was responsible. When any member of a family in his charge was ill (including servants) he was not paid until that member was well again. Physicians were therefore highly motivated to make and keep their patients healthy and I suspect (though I'm not sure) the people also were duty-bound to maintain their own good health.

We pay our doctors, when...? Doctors, hospitals, the medical and psychiatric industries are motivated to do, what ..? And, as long as we have "free" medical plans such as Medicaid, isn't it just remotely possible that our own citizens are less than impelled to maintain their own good health?

In respect to liking, or not liking, President Obama for his Obamacare health plans, it would be beneficial to remember that several presidents dating to Teddy Roosevelt (president 1901-1909) have tried to advance health care plans with dubious results.

Diane Rowland wasn't entirely accurate regarding Vermont's health care program. She implied Vermont has a single payer plan free for all citizens. My wife and I moved south from Vermont in June 1996, we still have family and friends there. I spoke to a family member a few days ago and that family is opting out of Obamacare, and accepting the penalty, due to the lack of affordability.

Yes, Vermont is controlled by Democrats; the governor, their lone congressman, and one senator (all Democrats). Their second senator (Bernie Sanders) claims to be an Independent but he caucuses with the Democrats and is a self-described socialist.

Due to this political imbalance, social programs are a top priority in Vermont. Workers, however, are also heavily burdened with a state income tax, a sales tax, and a voluminous property tax. No free health care for working Vermonters, sorry. Vermont is a wonderful state to live in, just terribly expensive for average wage earners. I think they call this "progressive."


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