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I'm not sure The Macon County News (April 10th) intended this but I could not help but notice the unmistakable contrast between John Whitehead's rather sour countenance on page 12 and the good-natured smiling faces of three of North Carolina's Congressional Representatives on the facing page (page 13).

Of course, Virginia Foxx, Mark Meadows, and Patrick McHenry have every reason to smile just as John Whitehead (explaining how our not so illustrious United States Congress is ripping us off) has every reason not to.

I cannot possibly add substantially to Whitehead's column except to say that I agree with his conclusion that Americans face a situation similar, in many respects, to those who lived in the colonial era. Of course, neither Whitehead or this writer are the first to look at our own government and draw that same conclusion.


The election season is here. Several candidates are promising cut government costs or taxes, but they won’t say what services will be cut. These people either don’t know enough about the job they’re trying to get, or they’re insulting you, the voter.

If a candidate knows enough about the office to be able to guarantee cuts, they know where those cuts will be. Macon County has already absorbed a lot of cuts from the state, mostly in education. This county already has the lowest property taxes in the state and runs remarkably well in spite of that. More cuts can only eliminate key services. Do you want more cuts in education? Police protection? Emergency and fire protection?


Bob Wilson’s most recent published letter typifies the callous oversimplification and blanket insults typical of today’s Republican Party fed by Fox News, Rush Limbaugh etc.

To quote Mr. Wilson, “One must dismiss opinions that teachers come up with because they are, after all, union members and unions exist to protect teachers, not students.”

This is akin to claiming that “one must dismiss opinions that (all) Republicans come up with because they are, after all, more devoted to the almighty dollar than they are to the Godly principles they claim to hold.”


That America is at a tipping point is quite obvious. The Leftists have taken over the Democratic Party to the point that it is almost unrecognizable. Anyone who believes that the president is doing something good for America is only kidding themselves because the intent has always been to convert America to a Socialists form of government. It has never been about democracy.

Using the trillions of debt we have built up to buy votes is, obviously, unsustainable and eventually, the few who aren’t on a government dole of some form or the other will have to pay the bill when it comes due. This will take the form of heavy taxation which will in turn kill industry and the working middle class while pushing us further into debt.


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