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Opinion Letters

I was saddened to read of the actions of the Macon County School Board’s decision to become a party in opposition to School Vouchers. Why should the government hold almost total domination over our children’s education? Why should money taken from the taxpayers for education not follow the student?

Why should parents have to constantly defend their right to say how their children are educated? Why should the public schools not have to compete for students? If they do a better job of educating children than other institutions, they need not fear of becoming irrelevant. Also, properly structured, why can’t teachers’ benefits and retirement follow them as well wherever they choose to teach? Yes, freedom is fast slipping away in America.


The drumbeat of complaints about the Affordable Care Act (ACA-Obamacare) from the political right wing leave me a bit mystified.

The cries of creeping socialism and government take-over of medical care either mark the duplicity of those making such claims, or demonstrate a very low opinion of the intelligence of the public they serve.

So why is the ruckus about the ACA blatant hypocrisy? Many of the core ideas in the ACA were in the plan developed by the Conservative Heritage Foundation and later applied in Mitt Romney’s health plan in Massachusetts.


The world is divided into Makers and Takers. According to Tea Party doctrine you are either a “maker” of wealth or a “taker” of wealth. I had a chance to see this up close the other day.

I was sitting in the parking lot of CareNet, watching all those takers coming to ask for food. People in wheel chairs, elderly men in ragged work clothes, and young mothers with children in tow were there. They arrived in all sorts of vehicles, most of which were near the end of their mechanically useful lives.

These people needed jobs.


As a small business owner I was recently invited to a conference with the director of the White House Business Council and the Assistant Secretary of Health and Human Services regarding the economics of Medicaid expansion. New calculations from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services show that N.C. is losing $10.859 million every single day that our governor and state legislature delay expanding our Medicaid services in N.C. This is money that N.C. citizens have already paid to the Federal government in the form of payroll, income, capital gains and excise taxes that was budgeted to be returned to N.C. to pay 100 percent of the cost in N.C. for the next three years for an expanded Medicaid program. Rather than expanding Medicaid services to 377,000 low income working N.C. citizens that do not have health insurance, our state government has refused to accept this money. Since N.C. is refusing this money that would not cost us a penny extra for the next three years our money is being given to other states like Kentucky, New York and California rather than being used here in N.C.


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