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The Republican Party in North Carolina have repeated, time after time, that the public schools were broken. Since they have taken over the legislature they have tried to make this come true.

They have not suceeded. Franklin High School has been rated in the top 30 percent of high schools in the nation. This honor can be attributed to Macon County commissioners and the board of education who have it possible. The school administration, all the teachers, from kindergarten through the high school,who have provided the education and the parents, who have expected the students to get a good education, have made it happen.


Prayer works miracles in you and through you, therefore let prayer be a joy for you.

Your relationship with life will be deeper and more open and a gift for each of you. With open and purified hearts God will fill them with His love.

Trust in His chosen shepherds and pray that they have the strength and the love to lead you by whose hands He has consecrated. Pray for our country which has gone astray from our God – allowing abortions, euthanasia and same sex marriage. Be aware of those around us, that can use a helping hand, along with praying for them. Those who walk toward a Heavely Father with love and faith will be saved.


Speaking at the UN Climate Change Summit last month, our esteemed President made the following statement. Climate change is an issue “that will define the contours of this century more dramatically that any other.” Being a flatearther, I don’t really understand exactly what that means but I do know this. If he said it, I don’t believe it. Since they were not represented at the Summit, apparently Russia, India and Canada don’t care what he meant. They have learned these meetings are useless and the UN is toothless.


Macon County deserves better than Ron Haven. It’s really that simple. The following quote has been attributed to everyone from Abraham Lincoln to Mark Twain and it explains our situation here in Macon County perfectly, “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.” I can only assume this is Ron Haven’s strategy this election. Avoiding answering questions simply because he knows his answers will likely lose him support, he just doesn’t have answers or worse it will show he cannot successfully comprehend the issues facing our county.


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