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Politics does indeed make strange bedfellows. The recent edition of the Smoky Mountain News said this: “Carla Miller, the chair of the Macon County Republican Party, admits there is a right-wing faction of the party, but said that faction does not represent the party as a whole. Miller specifically cited the Freedom Works (sic) group as being outside the mainstream of the local party.” Curiously, unless I am mistaken, Miller and her husband have attended at least the last three FreedomWorks meetings, and I’m sure they are welcome and encouraged to continue. Evidently, they felt attending so worthwhile they invited Commissioner Jimmy Tate to attend the most recent meeting, which he did.


Every two or three years I read in the newspaper that a homeowner shot an intruder. Typically, the homeowner hears a noise during the night, gets his gun and flashlight and goes downstairs with his wife hanging on his shoulder. He opens the door to the garage and sees a man trying to steal his new Cadillac and he blows him away.

The perpetrator is not armed, and the homeowner is now on trial for manslaughter, facing several years in jail. These scenarios happen all the time across the country because people think that they have a license to kill anyone in their home. Just last week, a local jerk told me: “If I shoot someone on my porch I will drag him in the house so I am covered.” A common misperception!


Words are powerful, constructive or destructive, communication tools. The following words, my words, were the words spoken to the reporter with the Smoky Mountain News division within Macon County Republicans.

Contrary to the words printed in the Smoky Mtn. Press, and subsequently circulated via email, the term “Right Wing” is not in my vocabulary. I simply don’t use that term because I strongly believe that labels are divisive.

Jim Gray, Joyce Roberts, Ron Peacock and I were approached by a reporter from the Smoky Mountain News following Ron Haven’s Challenge to Residency hearing. The reporter asked “Isn’t the real story of today’s hearing the division, the rift in the Macon County Republican Party.” I replied, “No, that is simply not the case. There is no rift, no division in our party.”


The Democrats believe in a single payer plan, called a universal health care system, which is affordable health care for all citizens. Vermont has the only single payer plan in America, and it is a democratic state. The people in the state of Vermont have free health coverage called the Green Mountain System. Many states already have affordable health care coverage for everyone, but not our state. North Carolina voted to cut federal health care coverage for the working poor. North Carolina is certainly one state that needs affordable health care coverage because so many people in the state of North Carolina fall under the line of poverty even though most of them work.


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