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2013 was a much better year for Western North Carolina than was the previous year. The unemployment rate has dropped down to 7.4 percent in November from 8.9 percent when the year started. Every county in North Carolina had lower unemployment rates. Financially the state is slowly recovering from where it was. Every major group in the state from colleges to the DOT to the public and private schools all need more money to operate. Jobs are the key to adding revenue to the state and our Gov. McCrory is doing his best to make that happen. Nationally, North Carolina’s unemployment rate has dropped us down to number 35 from number 49 just 11 months ago.


This past week we witnessed one of the most blatant attacks in our lifetime, on U.S. soil, against evangelical Christians for expressing their beliefs. Phil Robertson of “Duck Dynasty” was suspended from the show by A&E for expressing his personal beliefs as a Christian against the gay and homosexual lifestyles. Imagine that, here in the land of the free an American citizen is denied their freedom of speech? Not allowed to exercise his Christian faith in a public forum for fear someone will get his or her feelings hurt. All these groups can say is tolerance. Where’s the tolerance for our beliefs? How long before these groups start trying to force preachers out of the pulpit?

There has been a trend for many years now where Americans are slowly being denied more and more of their Godgiven and Constitutional rights. Socialist groups and special interest groups all over the U.S. are doing everything in their power to transform our nation into another Sodom and Gomorrah. The sad reality is a huge number of Christians are allowing them to do just that.


My motivation for writing this letter is to inform the citizens of Franklin of Naturopathic Medicine and how this traditional practice of medicine can benefit their lives and save money on health care costs. First, the difference between a naturopathic physician and a medical physician lies in the application of knowledge. The naturopathic doctor adheres to seven principles including identify and treat the cause. The naturopathic doctor is trained in modern medicine as well, but they take it one step further and try to identify the cause of an illness. After identifying the cause, they will recommend the least invasive remedy first. This is very different from today’s medical approach. Today’s medical doctor treats from a symptom standpoint and suppresses the symptom. In this way, our present healthcare system is backwards.


Our disappearing middle class has been receiving much media attention in recent weeks.

It takes an understanding of economics to uncover the reason behind our disappearing middle class and perhaps a bit of recent history.

The simple answer is that inflation has destroyed any gains the middle class had made during the past 40-some years. If you know history, you know that every time the government raised the minimum wage, inflation followed right behind, destroying savings workers had put aside for retirement, retirees on pensions and generally wiping out millions of people’s saving accounts. Remember the $1.00 hamburger with drink and fries?


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