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Macon Pride would like to announce that more Franklin businesses, organizations, clubs and churches have been rewarded with a Proud to Recycle Here sticker for their superior recycling, repurposing or reusing methods at their facility. With some guidance from Macon Pride members and Joel Ostroff, Macon County Recycling Coordinator, more and more of what most people consider trash to be thrown into the landfill is now put in the recycling bins at the county’s recycling and convenience centers. Recycling makes money for the county which keeps our taxes low and our landfills not full.

Macon Pride’s purpose is to foster the Macon County Recycling Program and to educate the public on the litter laws and encourage voluntary compliance.


The Republicans in Raleigh have approved their “tax reform” and budget, and we will suffer for both.

According to Senate Minority Whip Josh Stein, the GOP “tax reform” cuts $500 million in revenue, while their budget cuts $500 million from public education over the next several years. Sixty-five percent of the tax cuts go to the wealthiest one percent, while 90 percent of the cuts go to the wealthiest five percent. In other words, the Republican priorities are to take a half billion dollars away from public education and give it to the wealthiest and to out-ofstate corporations.

If we don’t have a well-educated populace, businesses aren’t going to be all that interested in moving here. The Republicans are destroying public education by allowing private schools to take money and some of the best students away from public schools, leaving less money to teach students who need the most resources.


I thought only conservatives complained about one-sided reporting by the “lame stream media.”

But in a recent letter to the editor, Shirley Ches, an outspoken Macon County liberal, was also complaining about the “lame stream media.” Initially it had me wondering if I had unknowingly been transported to Alice’s Wonderland. Near the end of the letter it became evident its actual purpose.

Ms. Ches wanted to specifically complain that the “lame stream media” hadn’t provided enough of its usual glowing reporting for President Obama’s recent speech on “climate change.” Or was it on “global warming,” or “catastrophic global warming,” or “carbon pollution,” or whatever the latest focus group terminology for the subject is?


A recent editorial in the Asheville Citizen-Times got me thinking. How will Dr. Jim Davis's vote to deny expanded Medicaid coverage affect citizens of Macon County. Surely a medical professional like Dr Davis would vote for the best interests of his constituents, or would he?

The N.C. legislature in its infinite wisdom voted to deny expanded Medicaid for the state. Basically, that will deny health insurance coverage to about 500,000 citizens of the state, cost the state about $1.3 billion in increased state domestic product, and create real financial difficulties for the state's health providers. Since this money comes from federal tax dollars, we as N.C. citizens have already paid our share of this money. Our tax money will now go to other states like New York. So how will this decision affect us living in Macon County?


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