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As a small business owner I was recently invited to a conference with the director of the White House Business Council and the Assistant Secretary of Health and Human Services regarding the economics of Medicaid expansion. New calculations from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services show that N.C. is losing $10.859 million every single day that our governor and state legislature delay expanding our Medicaid services in N.C. This is money that N.C. citizens have already paid to the Federal government in the form of payroll, income, capital gains and excise taxes that was budgeted to be returned to N.C. to pay 100 percent of the cost in N.C. for the next three years for an expanded Medicaid program. Rather than expanding Medicaid services to 377,000 low income working N.C. citizens that do not have health insurance, our state government has refused to accept this money. Since N.C. is refusing this money that would not cost us a penny extra for the next three years our money is being given to other states like Kentucky, New York and California rather than being used here in N.C.


To: Ed Morris, owner of Franklin Fitness Center. Your article in the Press today brings out some serious lifestyle situations existing in Macon County and many states including North Carolina.

We would appreciate your bringing up all of your requested input received to your forthcoming discussions with the White House Business Council and other small businesses in our nation.

As a past member of your fitness center, I can appreciate your concern for economic cases.


A lot of letters to the Western Carolina papers have been written about the new Voter ID rules. I went to see what one has to do to get a free voter ID card. First, I was told at the Board of Elections that no one will need a photo ID card for the election in 2014. I also learned that only about three tenths of one percent of the people in our state may not have a photo ID card of some kind. That might amount to about 270 people per county. In Jackson County that would actually be about 81 people.

I inquired about how many people had applied to get a photo ID card at the Jackson County Drivers License Bureau. The answer was I was the second person this year. My conclusion is that there has been a lot of newspaper space spent on a problem that has no bearing on the next election in 2014.

Jim Mueller — Glenville, N.C.

I had the heart warming opportunity to participate in World Vision’s “30 Hour Famine” this weekend with a wonderful group of individuals who will forever be referred to as “game-changers” in my book. This diverse group of likeminded, steadfast and God-fearing folks helped me to realize a couple of things:

When you are in His presence, beautiful things can (and often times will) happen; and

We are all perfect in His eyes.


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