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Right now there will be many playing the "Blame Game" over the below average performance in student testing by the Macon County School. Usually teachers and parents each blame the other. Administrators blame inadequate funding, etc.

Here is an suggestion on how to improve the quality of education in Macon County: From kindergarten through at least the eighth grade, require that a parent accompany their child through a full day of school once a month, strictly as an observer. (Considerations would be needed for parents with multiple children as well as allowances for those with physical impairment.) This would place a parent in each classroom, all day, almost every day. A clearly labeled “Parent” seat should be provided in the back of each classroom. Both parents should be encouraged to attend and an evaluation should be requested at the conclusion of each visit. On each report card, there should be a grade for the attendance of the parent - passing or failing.


The leaves on the trees have been pretty this year and now, they’re falling. Why? What’s really going on?

Don’t ask the neighbors with the leaf blower, rake, burn pile or black plastic leaf bag. They are too busy cleaning up to understand that dead leaves are the gifts of the trees to the earth below... to provide cover (we call it mulch), food and nourishment and finally to break down to bring new life and fresh healthy soil. Ho hum .... just another amazing recycling job by the creator.


"Light of the world shine on me, love is the answer. Shine on us all, set us free, love is the answer," goes the pop song by England Dan from back in the 1980s. Another one is "Honesty is mostly what I need from you," by Billy Joel.

People are taking their own lives almost every week. One man I noticed near where I live died on his own birthday, age 62 years. I knew of his problem with alcohol and surmised that it probably was related. Another case a 31-yearold man died of drugs and alcohol "in the policeman's arms," according to the undertaker. But the tragedy didn't stop there as five days later his father, age 51, committed suicide according to my friend, the undertaker.


For the past few months some of the people in Western North Carolina who write letters to the editor want to blame Governor Pat McCrory for the sorry state of affairs in the state. He knew what he was getting into. He knew his popularity would suffer as he carried out his plan to get the state moving again but that his popularity would improve if he could increase employment and add more revenue to the state’s treasury.

North Carolina was broke when he took over. It is going to take several years to repair the problems he inherited when he became the governor. He worked with the legislators to fix our tax laws that have hurt out state. Companies were not coming to our state because of our tax laws. Do you remember when Hickory, N.C., was the furniture capital of the world? They left the state partially because of our tax rates.


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