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Tom Raby Night held on Feb. 4, at the Panther Pit was a huge success! It is with much gratitude that we announce that the total collected for pancreatic cancer was $3,010! Thank you so much for your support. Donations will be earmarked for pancreatic cancer research with a portion going to the Angel Cancer Care Center. Also, a special thanks to an anonymous donor and Macon Bank for their significant contributions that helped us exceed our goal!

We would like to recognize the following individuals/ groups for their help in planning, promoting and implementing Tom Raby Night events: Principal Barry Woody, Jay Brooks, Jennifer Turner-Lynn, Michael Turner, FHS coaches/staff/players, JV and Varsity cheerleaders, Vanessa and the FHS Dance Team, FHS Athletic Booster Club, Rhonda Blanton, Bobby Coggins, local media reporters from The Franklin Press and Macon County News, Tony Angel, and volunteers Timoxena Sloan, Anne Hyder, Evelyn Southard, Bobby Kuppers, Peggy Kuppers, Nancy Shope, Barbara McRae, and Jim Breedlove.


In response to the letters from Carol Adams on 1-23 and 1-30 in the MCN. Carol, you want us to believe that all government regulations are bad and Congress is the answer to regulation reform. Congress can’t even decide on what toilet paper to use in the congressional bathrooms. So how do you think they will ever be able to approve any new regulations? Maybe that is what you want. If all regulations were removed, what then. Polluted air, polluted water, poisoned food, etc. Is that what you want? For the U.S. to look like China. Major regulations are not all bad. Yes, they may be a burden on an industry or a company but that is not always bad. Regulations on clean air are good. Would you like them removed? I would not. I like clean air. Same with water, food, etc. I am glad the restrictive regulations are in place. They protect me, my family, and even you. Though you do not seem to appreciate them, they still protect you. They protect America.


“I really can’t think of many things the government has done that worked very well for long.

Listening to a proposal by President Obama the other day that would form a new government bureaucracy to tell farmers how to deal with global warming and on the surface, this sounds like a great idea. He named it “Climate Hubs” and one is planned for North Carolina. Oh goody; just another platform from which to pitch the global warming theory.

Now I’m sure that North Carolina farmers are going to be thrilled by the idea that some 90-day wonder bureaucrat is going to visit their farms and tell them what to do about a lack of rain one year and too much rain the next year. The assumption is that farmers don’t know that weather is variable from year to year. I’m sure my grandfather would have been tickled pink to discover that it rains a lot some years and not others. Who would have guessed?


As an addition to your recent excellent article on John and Dorothy Crawford, may I add my own two cents. As a member of the Franklin Gem and Mineral Society, the public should know these two citizens were original founding members of our club, and occasionally still attend meetings.

On at least one occasion, they also gave a presentation on a current political topic that affected Maconians. Would that all citizens were to stay so well informed. Also, as a Senior Companion at our Senior Services Center, it was wonderful to see our center named for them in a special ceremony.


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