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President Obama’s inflationary policies are quickly eating away the security of our retirees.

Apparently afraid that retirees may march on Washington in protest, the IRS has done a good job of striking fear into their hearts and the media has demonized the Tea Party groups who essentially represented the nation’s 40 million retirees.

Retirees are the folks who stashed away a few bucks here and there, lived in modest homes, raised their families and paid into company and union retirement funds Their money grew through their investments and previously felt secure about retiring.


It is said that it takes a village to raise a child. By the same token it takes a team to educate a child. I married into my Parker family, gaining a sister-in-law that taught first grade nearly 40 years, with several relatives also public educators, with a passion and heart for their profession and the children they taught; for those not so able, as well as the very able. Public education changes their lives, every child, the late bloomers, the disadvantaged, etc., have equal affordable opportunity. Our system of public education with professional educators has been a catalyst to make our country the greatest in the world. Yet, radical Republicans like Sen. Jim Davis and Representative Roger West are engaged in defunding it, joining other state radicals.


Probably one of the oldest traits in human beings is to look for a messiah, someone to come along and solve all of our problems. History is filled with all sorts of gods dating back long before even ancient Greece and their multiplicity of gods.

Ancient tribes needed good leaders in order to survive and even the smallest of tribes had their leaders, often someone who was strong enough to kill the opposition or smart enough to outwit them.

In modern times, we elect people who hopefully, will solve our problems, which is what a democracy is all about. We root for our favorite candidate, just like we do for our favorite football team. But, sadly, we sometimes root for someone who is a great speaker but lacks ability and I would have to put the blame squarely on the television media for this problem. We are beguiled by charm and charisma and on television you only see the good side to the candidate. Many would vote for Justin Beiber for president because he’s a celebrity.


Was having an otherwise intelligent conversation with one of my more liberal acquaintances the other day when I was blown away by one of his radical statements. He told me how awful it was that medical insurance companies make a huge profit of 15 percent on their insurance and that government could do it cheaper. I could only assume he has been watching altogether too much television and his favorites programs are about space aliens and finding Big Foot and that Paris Hilton would make a great president.

In his mind, government is just something up there and knows only that it exists in Washington and assumes federal employees work for free. He doesn’t comprehend that government is made up of human beings that need to be paid and that their unionized salaries are considerably more than any insurance company pays its employees.


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