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We all should smile, stop, take a deep breath and thank a veteran.

We wake, turn on the morning news , make coffee, get the kids off to school…we do our routine as a rule. We all should smile, stop, take a deep breath and thank a veteran.

Veterans made a choice to wake up outside the U.S. for our daily freedom. Veterans dedicated themselves to us, all of us, the entire United States.


I had a discussion of my survey with friends and acquaints, of the complexities of relationships and if marriage has any value. If we did away with marriage would it resolve issues of the who, and what constitutes marriage or how it's to be defined.

Whether you feel marriage is sacred or just part of a furthering relationship, our commitments to each other are difficult in expression and living out. This difficulty throughout the beginning of time is expressed so vividly within our media, music, and literature. We seem in a never ending pursuit of trying to express and place value and putting merit towards our relationships and commitments towards each other. You can express this in a very simplistic way, just by the expression of trusting words, as in, I will love you always, I commit to you, I pledge my allegiance to you, or other such phrases. For some surveyed, this would be quite satisfactory, for others they where looking for something more substantial, something with more depth.


Probably one of the most troubling aspects of humanity is our tendency to look for evidence to support our opinions whether mistaken or not. Sometimes referred to as being opinionated, it is actually a psychological aberration called “confirmation bias,” looking only at things that will support our particular belief system. We simply ignore things that conflict with our own opinion and try to find things that confirm what we want to believe. Scientists, doctors, lawyers, teachers, religious people and even journalists fall into the trap.

And yes, it’s a trap and poses a real danger to humanity because it prevents us from finding solutions to problems. With our narrowed vision, we repeat mistakes over and over.


In my opinion the only thing the Benghazi hearing did was to give Presidential Candidate Clinton several hours of airtime paid for by the taxpayers.

To me, once the protesters stepped foot on compound soil it should have been deemed America had been attacked and necessary steps should have been taken immediately to defend America.

Soon it was realized they were terrorists and seven hours later, no decision had been made to defend America.

This should give voters thought to decide if America is attacked, will she be defended by the president of America?

Pauline Burch — Franklin, N.C.

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