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With turning the page on the calendar, it’s time to take our annual whack at Al Gore. Fortunately, he has been mostly quiet of late, however, he is learning you can run, but you can’t hide.

10 years ago, as of January 27, he peered into his crystal ball and announced that, unless drastic action transpired, our globe would be, in a word, history. So, if you are a believer, better get right with the Almighty, because drastic action has been absent.

So, while Al’s carbon footprint is about the size of Montana, he is likely sitting in the sun, which, in reality determines the heat of the planet, counting his green (isn’t that ironic) and living large. Happy New Year, Al.

Don Swanson — Franklin, N.C.

The greatest thing about the country that we live in is our undeniable right to be the individual that we want to be. We can form and express our own opinions about anything in the world that we want to. We are all united in this ability, and as a group we should honor our individuality. It is our duty to ourselves and to those who have made this country what it is.

We all have the power to create and form opinions on our own. But in the political system that exist, the voice of the individual is often unheard and even more often never created. In politics there are two parties, Democrats and Republicans. Within these two parties there is a broad sense of collectiveness and participation. Sometimes these obligations to the party become larger than the obligations to ourselves. It is easy to forget that the political system is supposed to work for us. Not just us collectively but individually, and individually we should form our own opinions.


How often do we pray, beg, and constantly talk/ask God for our selfish desires? Too often we request for something we yearn for. Sometimes when it arrives we are awestruck in love. With time then we inherite a relationship with our selfish flesh. We either throw it away or we ignore it or look else where to get an ultimate high. Whether it's people, our talents, our prize possessions, or material things. How often are we excited when God answer our prayers? But sometimes we don't value what was granted. God knows how or what our results would be in the aftermath but answers our prayers anyway.

Vernita Washington — Franklin, N.C.

America the Beautiful & BagReadyJobs is being promoted and utilized as a teaching, learning and earning (fund raising) opportunity for youth groups in any city, town or state and it’s funded by community businesses. The “BagReadyJobs” opportunity will help our nation’s youth earn their funding needs and this process prepares them for their futures as business owners or employees.

The America the Beautiful & BagReadyJobs teaches our nation’s youth valuable life lessons and something about community pride. Business owners like the America the Beautiful & BagReadyJobs concept because it allows them to invest in the youth groups that enhance the image and economy of their community by picking up highway litter.


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