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I was disappointed to learn recently that the Macon County School Board decided to join a lawsuit that would prevent working-class parents from participating in the Opportunity Scholarship Program (providing scholarship for their children to attend private school). I state that it is disappointing because, according to the state Department of Public Instruction, only 35.1 percent of kids from low-income families in Macon County schools are considered “proficient” in math and reading. This means just over one out of every three economically disadvantaged students met basic standards in their zoned public school.

Simply put, the vast majority of our children from low-income communities in Macon County are failing to learn the skills necessary to succeed in a rapidly changing world. Why then seek to halt a program, that hasn’t even started yet, to begin where the very existence of the Opportunity Scholarship Program is designed for the student that happens to be low-income?


I have not met Bob Wilson, Carol Adams or Stephen White, but after reading their remarks in the "Letters to the Editor" section, it is quite obvious who has been blessed with, or acquired, a generous amount of wisdom and common sense.

This current administration has a lock on keeping the power of government in democratic control. Nearly 50 percent of our nation is dependent upon government to take care of them and they do not pay taxes. Consider where we are today with what has been done to keep those in poverty right where they are. When you add labor unions, liberals, Hollywood, some illegal immigrants and the media voting for keeping the situation as it is, how is it possible for any other party to be elected and make the changes that will return our nation to normalcy?


We repeat our mistakes because we never seem to learn the lessons of history and in our case, we have an arrogant group of liberal elites who are attempting to do away with not only our way of life but establish a quasi-dictatorship run by a liberal aristrocracy. President Obama’s refusal to deal with Congress and bypass them by using executive orders is similar to methods used by many past dictatorships. The people in Congress we elected to represent us no longer have a voice.

We’ve seen it in dozens of countries from Nazi Germany to current events in Venezuela.

Unless we understand history and what it means, we are doomed to repeat the mistakes of history. Unlike bird dogs, we do not genetically inherit a knowledge of history. We must each learn from history.


I hate paying taxes. So when someone promises to lower my taxes, they have my attention. Most people feel the same way. In 2010 every Republican running for office in N.C. promised to lower my tax bill. They all got elected. And sure enough they lowered taxes. The problem is they did not lower my taxes. You see I don't make more than $84,000 a year. I make less, so my taxes went up, just like 8 out 10 N.C. citizens.

How could a lower tax rate cause my taxes to go up? Easy; you eliminate those tax breaks for the middle class and the poor. Gone is the Earned Income Tax Credit; a program actually started by Conservatives to aid poor working families. Gone are the deductions for college saving accounts. The personal exemption allowance is eliminated. Business pass-through income deductions and private pension deductions are eliminated. These and many other "adjustments" to the tax code directly result in higher taxes for most of us.


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