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I saw in the paper where teachers might not have a job anymore. Well, what about the Lottery monies? I thought all schools got a part of it. I guess I was wrong. It’s the counties that have more people in them. Well, all schools should get a fair part of that money. It’s a shame that kids in this county have to suffer because of schools on the coast.

Every county should get a percentage of all Lottery sales. Do the right thing and give these teachers their money. Maybe then they won’t be out asking people to fill school buses.

I, for one, think it’s up to the parent to supply paper, notebook and something to write with. Everything else should be bought through the school.

Vickie Ammons — Franklin, N.C.

In 2010, the Macon County Board of Commissioners, under the leadership of then Chairman Ronnie Beale, voted to raise property taxes by 1.5 mils, or approximately $1,400,000.

In the depths of terrible economic conditions with many folks losing their jobs, many homes in foreclosure, many filing for bankruptcy, the county commission raised your property taxes.

Each year since, the county has collected approximately an additional $1,400,000 as a result of that tax increase. The increase wasn’t needed; it hasn’t been spent. It sits in the county’s treasury, instead of your bank account or paying your bills.


I would like to thank the Macon County Health Department for their efforts to ensure that the public has safe drinking water. An article appeared in the April 25th edition of The Macon County News advising well owners to regularly check their wells for lead and other contaminates. I am a healthy person and could not understand why I was experiencing digestive problems. I spent Easter weekend in the hospital because of a small intestinal obstruction. The doctors could not find an apparent reason for my condition and ordered further testing. I suffered from headaches, weakness, stomach pain, acid reflux and fatigue. The tests results showed inflamed stomach and stomach erosion. I decided to have the water tested and took a sample to the Macon County Health Department. Within 36 hours was notified of e coli and coliform bacteria contamination. I stopped drinking the water and within three days my stomach stopped hurting and within five days my headache was gone.


At a school bus stop in Oak Grove community, I pick up trash weekdays from kids apparently tossing stuff out the bus windows ... chewed off pencils, pens, wadded up paper, numerous snack food, gum and candy wrappers ... all ugly litter that should have been recycled by the user, not me.

Getting down to basic ABCs, I consider recycling not a silly bothersome chore, but a deep moral obligation, one that could, and should, be subject matter for a few Sunday sermons. Some believe the earth is our home with God the master gardener ... and the earth our schoolhouse with mother nature the wisest teacher. And one small lesson addresses the way nature deals with waste. Everything is recycled including animal homes and even the animals themselves. All plants are biodegradable and reused. There is no waste in nature.


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