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In response to Mr. Odom's observatons that global warming doesn't add up I will point out that the examples he used: 1. Currently colder in parts of the U.S, than the north pole. 2. It's colder in Winnipeg, Canada than it is on the surface of the Planet Mars. 3. A ship is stuck on Antarctica.

This is a direct result of global warming. The Polar Vortex that plunged our temps last week in Franklin was a direct result of open polar waters that were once ice-capped. Water warms in the sun and water evaporates. This evaporation was such as to disturb this vortex of 100+ mph winds that usually just swirl at the north pole. Once this vortex was weakend by the evaportation of ocean water it dispersed southward like a spinning top out of control. What caused the ice caps to melt? Global warming.


When Hillary Clinton proposed a government-run, single- payer system to solve our health care crisis, Republicans responded by proposing a private insurance system based on an individual mandate. Governor Romney then adopted this insurance proposal for Massachusetts with great success. It was the conservative approach based on the free market and designed to save taxpayers from out-of-control health care costs. That plan was the basis for the Affordable Care Act; ObamaCare.

Conservatives hate big government, almost as much as they dislike big government deficits. Their plan attacked both problems. Private insurance companies ran the system and made a profit. Out-of-control health care costs were curbed.


Take a moment and walk through a scenario that goes on in many households in our communities every day. A young single parent asks himself or herself a difficult question repeatedly, “I am only working part time and I have three young children who are anxiously waiting for Christmas Eve. I do not have money to pay the rent and put gas in the car to get Jay to the doctor, so how am I going to give my children even one gift for Christmas?” With economic hardships facing so many, even the working full time two-parent families are struggling to make ends meet. They may be your neighbors, family, or total strangers, but until you envision their struggle, it is a hard burden to comprehend. MPP Holiday Angels was created for this very purpose. To involve community partners, to network resources and to reach out to families in need during the Christmas holidays.


So, let me get this straight?

1. It’s currently colder in parts of the U.S. than it is at the North Pole.

2. It’s currently colder in Winnipeg, Canada, than it is on the surface of the Planet of Mars.

3. A ship, retracing a route taken over 100 years ago at the South Pole, by a boat that did not get stuck in the ice, so they could bring more attention to global warming got stuck in the ice! After repeated attempts to reach them by several of the world’s largest ice breakers failed, these brilliant minds had to be airlifted out by a Chinese helicopter.


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