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All too often the people who are out protesting something are the very ones who don’t have to pay the price and have nothing to lose.

Unions are famous for hiring street people to go out and picket for them, picketing by remote control while union members continue to work at their jobs.

We have the environmentalists who are able to stir large crowds in behalf of some tiny fish in California and prevent fresh water from being used by the farmers who are losing their farms and going broke because they can’t grow anything without the water. Never mind that tens of thousands of farm workers are out of jobs and the poor pay higher prices for food.


Researcher Shere Hite has stated “the breakdown of the family is a good thing,” because it liberates us from restrictive roles and rules. (“The Case against Family Values,” Washington Post, 10 July 1994) Most would think this a harsh statement, but if you have the thought that the modern family can mean most anything, then the structure of the family is not built on anything. Marriage can be defined by however you'd like to define it, for the self decides what is right and dare anyone who says otherwise. This thinking has been evident for some time, even then First Lady Barbara Bush, was confused on how to define the family when she stated, “However you define the family, that's what we mean by family values.”


Last week I sent a letter to the editor about President Obama's remark, "I've got a pen and I've got a phone." In that letter I urged readers to contact their Congressman about Barack Obama changing laws by executive order. I thought you might be interested in the response that I received from Georgia Senator Saxby Chambliss (after the jump).


The Macon County Department of Social Services would like to extend our appreciation to the following sponsors for their generous contributions, which helped to brighten Christmas for our children in foster care:

Sheriff Robert Holland and Shop with a Cop Program, Life Church, The Fun Factory, Lisa Welch and the FHS French Club, Sunrise Sanitation, Burningtown Church of God, Susan Ball & Farm Bureau Insurance, Elaine King, Maureen Pruett, Marcia Egan, Bill Allen & Sugar Fork Baptist Church, and Junaluska Masonic Lodge #145.


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