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(1) The Military Act of 1757 defined a well "regulated militia": All 18-45 year old males who were not already a member of the regular English forces and who are declared by authority are subject to call to military service. The Act called for penalties and fines for all males who did not bare arms, detailed the militia ranks of authority, required the Colonial government to provide arms to the poor, required the amount of dry powder to hold in reserve, and outlined exemptions for clergy, etc.

(2) The Military Act of 1757, the "well regulated" Colonial Militia, eventually became the Revolutionary Militia and Minutemen who opposed their colonial predecessor. A well regulated militia of the 13 colonies was consistent with the 1757 Act. The Continental Congress of 1787, under Article 1, Sec 8, gave the power to direct and control the well regulated militia of the states to the Federal Congress. Then the First and the Second Military Act of 1792 confirmed the basic guidelines of the English Military Act of 1757 and required mandatory arming of 18 to 45 year old males, etc. In effect these two 1792 Acts clarified the intent of the prior "1791, Amendment 2" of the Continental Congress.

(3) Constitutional Amendment 2, 1791:"a well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bare arms shall not be infringed". The right to bare arms was "mandatory conscription" for all white males ages 18 to 45. Arms consisted of a flint lock musket, only. The same and only weapon available for hunting, target practice and military use.


I am a late era baby boomer; however, I do not include myself in the protest segment of the baby boomer demographic.

As a youngster in the 1960s I witnessed the country torn apart by protest over just about every social and cultural norm that existed at that time. This was the “Counterculture Movement.” Where did it come from? Did teenagers new to college and fresh out of their quiet suburban homes suddenly decide they had a grasp of all of society’s ills and on their own came up with the protest solution? Of course not. Anyone who has attended college knows that most students are so self-involved that barring some type of extraordinary influence the only thing they are really interested in is dating, socializing and hopefully studying to land a good job.


As a person of faith, I strongly believe we are called to care for God’s creation through careful stewardship of its resources. I am confident in my ability to proclaim that caring for the necessities of life like the air we breathe, the water we drink and the land from which we reap the Lord’s rewards is not just political – it is a fundamental spiritual doctrine woven into the fabric of all faith traditions.

When we get careless, as happened almost exactly six months ago, when tens of thousands of tons of toxic coal ash waste and millions of gallons of contaminated water were spilled into the Dan River, it’s indicative that we have allowed our stewardship to get dangerously out of balance. Accidents like the Dan River disaster give us pause and force us to reflect on the priorities we’ve allowed to cloud our duties to protect what God has shared with us to sustain our lives.

Enormous amounts of energy have gone into understanding what happened on the Dan River and finding ways to prevent such an accident from happening again. And rightfully so.


Vic Drummond has written several times about the silliness of the anti-fracking group and I would have to add a few comments to his.

We can disregard what the politicians have to say about fracking because they are like hawks and will follow any group hysteria they can find in order to garner votes, most of whom care less about facts, just votes.

I would have to ask the question of whether the anti-fracking groups are unpatriotic and simply following orders from the OPEC oil rich countries that are absolutely against America becoming energy self-reliant because it would cut into their ability to raise money for terrorism around the world. Let’s be honest, we all know that a good part of the price we pay for gas and oil goes to fund murderous outfits like ISIS. I frame this as just a question and of course we really don’t know who started the anti-fracking movement or where its roots may lie. We do know, however, OPEC will not be happy if we become energy self-sufficient and the anti-fracking groups just play into their hands.


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