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I have been campaigning for Bernie Sanders since before he declared as a candidate. I’ve always seen the potential for socialism as an economic concept, and now the timing is such that it is what we need to get this country back on track. But I am disturbed by all the people I hear expressing fear because of their twisted definition of “socialism.” I want to explain the concept and dispel their mistaken beliefs.

First of all, socialism does not have one clear, absolute, definition. It is like the color blue – there are lots of shades of blue. Some have more green, but are still considered blue. Some are more violet. You can’t use the word blue and have everyone visualize the same color, exactly.

Bernie Sanders is a “Democratic Socialist” in his beliefs, so am I and many other Americans. Here is the definition:


On behalf of the Hospice House Foundation Board of Directors, I would like to extend a heartfelt “thank you” to the Franklin, Highlands and Cashiers communities for participating in the “Art for the Heart of the Hospice House” fundraiser, held at Carpe Diem Farms on Aug. 23. The resounding success of the event, can be directly attributed, to those who made the decision to show their support through attending or making a donation, the donors and purchasers of the beautiful art, volunteers, including other local non-profits, local media, and donations of the venue, food, wine, florals, and music.

I would like to remind anyone who would like to join the community in support of the SECU Hospice House project, there are a wide variety of opportunities to become involved. We welcome all levels of support.


Well, we can all rest easy now, the mighty hand of justice has swooped down and delivered us from the evil of electronic gambling machines. What a ridiculous waste of law enforcement resources. Several months of “undercover” investigation! Come on, if the operation was against the law, then it should have taken only one visit to make a case, right. Now add the cost of confiscating the machines, holding them, processing them, prosecuting the case and add that up. Maybe an “investigative reporter” can uncover some detail to further enlighten us as to the real taxpayer cost.

Now the real issue I want to address: Did anyone who played these poker games think they would come out ahead? If they did then they could just buy lottery tickets. But wait, the lottery is a game of chance and a machine is used to pick winning numbers.

According to NC Education Lottery Spokesman, Van Denton, the lottery can be a fun game, even if some abuse it. “The lottery should be played for fun and with money that someone has set aside for it.” he said. “The first time that the lottery doesn’t feel like fun for someone is probably a sign that they’ve played to much.” FUN? Who has fun buying a ticket and then checking the drawing results or scratching off to see if he has won?

Now electronic poker, etc. is fun, interactive gaming. You pay to enjoy the time at the machine and maybe you’ll win something or maybe you won’t, but what you spent is for the fun of it.

I have never played these machines but have seen some doing so but I figure if that’s how they want to spend their money, so be it.

It would be interesting to review the so called “complaints” received by law enforcement. What could one complain about? I played and didn’t win, the games are rigged! Of course they are rigged, but it still is fun to play.

Back to NC Education Lottery, the latest data found showed that the scratch off pay out in NC is about 52%, the lowest in the US. The current legislature is debating gambling apps to spur lottery sales.

So this action is to protect people from a business profiting from another’s loss. Whoops, better do some “undercover” work on the NC Lottery

A.M. Jackson — Franklin, N.C.

Such a nice man, this Bernie Sanders, we just love him, he just wants to help everyone. There he is on TV with all these hollering young people cheering him after he told them that everyone in America should go to college for free. He would establish free tuition in all private and public colleges. The inexperienced young people failed to ask the question: “How much will this cost, who will pay for it, and how?”

Bernie will also give everyone free health insurance. How wonderful! The ignorance of American voters is already on display every day at the White House. With just these two actions Bernie will bankrupt the United States.

Bernie has a long history of being a socialist. In college, he was a ’60s peacenik who applied for conscientious objector status. How can he be made “Commander in Chief” of the military? He will eliminate all ammunition from the military so nobody will get hurt. In the Senate, he voted against all the military actions. He even voted against going into Kuwait after Saddam Hussein invaded it. He thought we could “talk” them out of Kuwait.


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