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As a returning veteran and a local born and raised in this community, I am very disappointed in what myself and other veterans face when it is coming to getting hired in our communities. Especially those like myself that are also currently serving in the North Carolina National Guard. What fellow veterans and myself have observed is that people will be quick to thank you for your service; however when it comes to job hiring, our service and sacrifices don't make a difference (let alone if you have a college degree).

I can't speak for all the younger veterans, but I would prefer not having to move from this lovely county that I was born and raised in, but in order to provide for my family I will have to eventually move where my skills and experience are better appreciated by the private sector and local government. Veterans have experience that you can't find in just a recent college graduate or someone that has only experienced this area's environment.


Thank you to all who came out and gave blood at Otto Community on Dec. 13. Without your help we would not have been a success. We were able to get 24 usable units, 27 people presented to donate.

Look for the next drive. thanks to all the businesses and churches that put up the announcements.

Thank you,

Phyllis Castle
Otto VP and Red Cross volunteer

Denying facts because they conflict with a belief is a survival tactic for the human race. We all do it. But now it seems a lot easier for everyone to have their own "facts." On the Internet you can find "facts" to justify any opinion. Of course, observable, provable, documented facts are out there, but we must be smart enough and honest enough to pick them out of the sea of fake facts.

Here is a good example, in a recent letter defending the Obama administration, I claimed that, "Illegal immigration is currently net zero." That means that there is just as many illegal aliens leaving the country as are entering. If true it would call into question the fear that the country is being overrun by illegals. This number can be quantified and documented and thus can be a real fact. So how do you determine that it is a real fact and not something made up because someone wants it to be true?


Dear Macon County Commissioners,

The Franklin Appalachian Trail Community Committee asks that you reconsider your recent resolution opposing the designation of additional Wilderness Areas within the Nantahala National Forest in Macon County. The Appalachian National Scenic Trail (A.T.) runs for about 47 miles through Macon County. Approximately 13 miles of the AT are in the Southern Nantahala Wilderness Area running from Deep Gap to Mooney Gap. We suggest that few things in life are certain and that there are indeed additional areas along or near the A.T. in Macon County that should be considered as “potential” Wilderness Areas (PWA). Federally designated Wilderness Areas offer the highest level of protection we, as people, can provide for our public land. We implore you to allow the USFS’s National Forest planning process and ultimately, the democratic process through the Wilderness Act, to determine whether additional USFS lands in Macon County are federally designated as Wilderness.


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