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Well, because the U.S. Congress and the Obama Administration couldn't produce a budget deal, automatic spending cuts commenced March 1. This occurrence is known as "sequestration." From what I've learned, this word is rooted in the idea of "following" as in sequel.

We could, I suppose, take that to mean sequestered funds are in the safekeeping of a trusted follower. Of course, as it's Congress we're trusting... so much for that idea.


After all the time and effort put forth by the citizens of Macon and Swain counties, the NCDOT is back again wanting to pave Needmore Road. It seems the public get to have their input, but does anyone listen? We have our say, but we are not heard. Things seem to be settled for a short period, but then it’s right back again. Most of the people do not want to see their history, heritage and our beautiful Godmade mountains and rivers destroyed. Why destroy what is already enjoyed the way it is?

In the early 1900s, Needmore was purchased to make way for a dam. The dam never materialized, so in 2003, it was designated as a wildlife sanctuary. As people discovered its beauty and diversity, more and more people came. Now the uniqueness that it was created for has turned into its worst enemy — everybody wants to come, and they want it changed to suit themselves.


World leadership seems non-existent, the youth of today seems desperate for answers, and our economies are crumbling before us. Everything around us appears darker than it ever has. It’s as though we're in a dark corner looking at a distant narrow window, looking for a brighter light and a lasting hope.

Many are looking and searching but the focus can become clouded by the unending noise modern society spills forth, just as in the beginning of the drug and sexual culture that is still present today. We claimed we were wiser and more intelligent than those before us, all we seek is “freedom,” and where has this gotten us?

Are our personal relationships and the peace we sought with each other any better for this?


For the second time in a long life as a tarheel (with generations of my ancestors so far traced back to 1725) I am ashamed of the state I live in from being a progressive, business friendly to any and all businesses, who had to do their share, education-centered state; we are now known as a radical, Republicam-dominated redneck state, comparable to Arizona, Alabama, Louisiana, etc. As Western North Carolina citizens we are now caught up in Republican agenda of crushing the 47 percent Mitt Romney said the Republican Party should forget about; the weaker, poorer, jobless, uninsured families. Most of them the working poor, too often disabled, elderly unable to do physically demanding jobs, low job skills. Paid by small businesses and corporations $7.25 to $7.59 per hour. Often only partime. So these employers can boost their profit margins. Skilled workers work for corporations like Walmart, Ingles, etc. and cannot make enough to cover the basics of life or health insurance as needed. I have been a citizen activist for years, researching valid county records and documentation, asking and respecting their confidences from citizens as to the low wages paid and their financial struggle to feed themselves and children.


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