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Great news! Back in December we gave you an update on KIDS Place and the many services we provide for children in Macon County who have suffered abuse. At that time we also told you about the two-month challenge grant from the Robert and Polly Dunn Foundation that would match all gifts up to $20,000. And, many of you very generously responded to the challenge. Thank you.

In fact, the overall response from the community was so over-whelming that we just had to share the good news. Not only did we meet the goal of raising $20,000, but thanks to the generosity of so many people, we surpassed that goal. It’s incredible to think that during December and January, donations totaling $27,520 were made to KIDS Place to help our children.


Our founding fathers, framing our Constitution, created a representative democracy. They formed a republic, a government where the people vote for representatives to govern for them who reflect their views. This is indirect democracy, government by majority rule of the voters. The founding fathers also created a three-branch government. The executive, legislative and judicial branches are independent of each other assuring that no one branch seizes too much power. These founding principles of our government are under attack in the state of North Carolina.

Throughout our history the right to vote has been expanding to include African-American men, women and the nations’ youth (by reducing the voting age to 18). Today, their basic right is under threat. If our state legislature passes a law requiring voter IDs almost half a million registered voters, mainly our youth, the elderly, the poor and minorities, would be denied their voting right. Supporters of voter ID argue this law will combat voter fraud. Voter fraud is almost nonexistent in North Carolina.


Just returned back after several weeks of warm weather. Glad to be home, but received news about my pet project I am involved in, namely the American Legion Post 108 Franklin Bingo.

I and several great guys volunteer every Friday night to keep Bingo going and now Bingo is hurting. Let me say that the Bingo money taken in supports many local community projects. Such as many thousands of dollars given to our school projects, adding special needs of children, boy and girl scouts, the wonderful Shriner’s hospital and support to all veterans locally in need, and last but not least, our servicemen here and overseas.


Macon Pride, an organization to promote the environmental and economic value of recycling, wishes to commend our county manager, Mr. Jack Horton, and our county commissioners, Mr. Kevin Corbin, Mr. Ronnie Beale, Mr. James Tate, and Mr. Ron Haven, for their new use of a specially designed web-site and computer tablets for their meeting agendas.

This saves thousands of pages of paper generated every month for all county personnel who conduct our commission meetings. It allows writing and editing, ease of production, and is a 21st century means of economically conducting the business of Macon County.


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