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How wonderful that the Democrats have found religion and all of a sudden are experts on what Jesus would say!

Jesus said, “You will always have the poor with you. And whenever you want to, you can give to them.” (Mark 14:7, Contemporary English Version)

Giving is voluntary. Allowing someone to “glean” from your fields is different from the government coming and taking it from you.


Bob Wilson's recent column in another local publication condemning a liberal college education is full of contradiction and misinformation. The point he tried to make was that today's very expensive college degree should be focused on a student's future earning potential. No one can disagree with that.

Mr. Wilson says he agrees with Governor McCrory that all college education should be focused on getting a job, not some silly liberal arts degree. The trouble with that idea is that no one knows what kind of a job he or she will have in 10 years.


Well, I’ve seen most of what I thought could happen in my 82 years, but watching our winter wood pile grow beats all. Sunday while driving to church around 7:30, we passed the famous Franklin wood pile and guess what, they were making it grow bigger.

If I was the chamber of commerce here in Franklin I would install a row of benches across the street in front of the greenway so our tourists could watch the famous wood pile grow daily. Don’t know why or who got mister wood pile supplier upset, but right on brother, I am with you. Stand up for your rights.


Recently, several hundred clergy gathered at Halifax Mall behind the Legislative Building on Jones Street in Raleigh to protest North Carolina government policies that hurt the poor. I was unable to be present but I want to stand with them in protest. Christian faith is bound, in the example of Jesus Christ, to work for the betterment of the poor and the stranger.

When the world was smaller and local, people took care of the ones who needed help in their midst. Today in Macon County it is impossible for the churches alone to competently care for those folks among us who cannot afford food for their families or heat for their homes. We work hard to support CareNet in the local Methodist churches I serve, but the needs are overwhelming. Many of the people I meet are physically and emotionally unable to provide for themselves. I am alarmed at the cuts to mental health and education that will inevitably lead to greater stress on our law enforcement.


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