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A month or so ago, I saw a interview of a young man that was going to sell or put up for bid the rights of his last name. I didn't catch all of his reasoning for all of this, but he did state that he came from a dissolved family of a dad and several step-dads and as far as he could see, his family name had no value or purpose for him. Although this seems strange, I believe this is the sentiment of many in today's modern society, especially our younger generation. They may see value in life because their age group is the largest growing age group against abortion, largely due to science showing it’s not a glob of tissue but an actual form of a human being within weeks after conception. But the finding of their own value and purpose in life seems far reaching and difficult.


In the Jan. 2 edition of The Franklin Press, a person sent in a rant concerning the use of musical instruments in church.

Their rant read: “Whatever happened to just an organ and piano in church? Some of the music in churches nowadays is inappropriate. The Bible says make a joyful noise but not an inappropriate one.”

The Bible says make a joyful noise unto the Lord. It does not say anything about appropriate or inappropriate.


Don't let anyone tell you there's no conspiracy or that conspirators are not busily at work here in our "exceptional" country full of "superior" people.

It's not written anywhere. There's no "agenda" to read or way to order your very own printed copy. You won't find it on a site like Google, where you can select from an assortment of opinion written by various authors (many offer valid research based on facts but, sadly, others promote flawed opinion).

But, yes, there is definitely a conspiracy out there working against you and me. It's organized by those multi-billionaires often called Plutocrats or Oligarchs. It's advanced by well-paid minions and media shills, leaders and members of groups like "ALEC". Most names are readily available and have been publically reported. They've spent billions on past elections to influence your thinking so you'll slavishly allow them to control you, your children, and the future of our country.


I am opposed to a ban on "assault" weapons and high-capacity magazines.

Military-style weapons in the hands of the people carry more benefit for civilization than harm to civilization.

It is true that they can be used for barbaric acts, such as the slaughter of children at Sandy Hook. However that may be, in the old days this slaughter could not have happened. In the old days, among so many adults as there were at Sandy Hook, more than one would have had a gun of his own and one of them would have put bullets into the barbarian at Sandy Hook before he killed 20 children, or probably even five. Nor in the old days would a school have been advertised as a gun-free zone.


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