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Opinion Letters

To all those who do not respect my freedom from religion I say this:

Now tell me, why are you insisting on this?

Why do I have to respect your freedom of religious choice while you cannot respect my freedom of choice; not believing in a God?

Why do you insist that your distribution of your religious views have to be protected under the First Amendment while you show a blatant disrespect for my first amendment rights, my right to say that I do not believe that any God exists?


How great it is to see the revival of The Taste of Scotland and Celtic Festival. For 15 years it was a leading festival in Franklin, and was greatly missed last year.

Because of the strong Scottish heritage in this area it is proper that we should celebrate it in this manner.


I am wanting to write to the editor about fixing the roads around Macon County. I know that the county is probably a little tight on money right now with the economy the way it is, but when we can make up the money to fix the roads there are many roads that need to be fixed.

Some off the top of my head are Old Highlands Rd., Siler Rd. and 441 bypass/64 W. There is a lot of traffic that goes on these roads, especially around five o’clock in the afternoon when the people that work in Highlands are coming home, and the longer these roads are left unattended, the worse they will become.


Many years ago, when Macon County had amassed an immense Fund Balance, it was claimed that we benefitted by all the interest that the county was earning. That was an excuse, not a reason.

At the time, the county was not chartered as a bank or a money market manager. It was not their job then to sit on the peoples’ money, and it still isn’t. And, as we all know, interest earnings are nearly insignificant, so that excuse is out the window.

In an article appearing in one of the area’s newspapers on May 8, Commissioner Ronnie Beale was quoted as saying, “I’m very proud of our fund balance. It gives us latitude. It’s not just like Monopoly money.” While I have no idea what the reference to Monopoly money means, I get the shivers when I hear an influential commissioner saying, “It gives us latitude.”


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