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I was taken by surprise a couple weeks ago when conversing with a new friend of mine in just how compartmentalized we have become, and that there's no singular thing that guides our lives or thinking. Or to put it another way, there is no thread that binds our thinking, towards the realities of life. The conversation was, why people have predigests and dislikes toward others as in the Ferguson, Mo., incident. My friend mentioned the need of better education, self esteem classes, even passing different laws would help. He said this was part of a recent conversation before a church meeting he attended. I mentioned God's working in the heart of each of us is where this must start, because we all have likes and dislikes of people, but we must allow God to deal with our own predigests before we can heal the predigests people have again us. He looked a bit confused over the issue and said that he wasn't sure how to help resolve this but maybe working out issues that liberals and conservatives have. He had no clue what I was trying to get across. I was talking apples and he was thinking oranges.


In my lifetime I've watched the UK, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia, all ban the possession of handguns. Remember registration leads to confiscation. Mexico to the best of my recollection has always banned handguns. How safe are you there?

Isn't it a shame that with all those people in a coffee shop in Sydney, Australia, not one person had the ability to defend against radical suicidal maniac with a sawed off shotgun. To have a shotgun was not illegal but to buy hacksaw and sawed-off was. I doubt if this could have happened in Texas. Do you get my point? Oh yes, the NRA gets a lot of flack from the liberal press which is nothing but a propaganda organ of our wannabe’s socialist government. How is this considered a radical statement “the only thing that will stop a bad man with a gun is a good man with a gun.” The second amendment along with the rest of our Constitution was written by a bunch of merchants and farmers.


I certainly hope that Santa brings Bob Wilson a new “Connect The Dots” book – he could use the practice. He must not have had much direction in how to accomplish “dot connecting” when he was a child.

His frequent meandering letters are so clearly out of touch with what is verifiable fact, but then his goal is plainly to give additional ink to some of the most flawed far-right messaging.

To be clear, I do not find fault with papers printing this tripe as it is, after all, submitted to the Opinion section. These are his opinion. Note: his opinion. I usually won’t bother to read these contributions as they’re so clearly the conclusions of a very strange mind. I also do not usually call out letter writers by name, and will only refute the premise of their printed opinions. However, this person repeatedly shows his flawed and circuitous thinking with variations on quotes from what we all recognize as those notoriously twisted “Urban Legends.” Or, even worse, he offers his own invented “facts.” In short, these are in not facts.


Every now and then, it’s good to review some of the events and facts that got us in the mess we have now.

I’ve mentioned some of this before but it deserves to be repeated so that we can understand the issues and know how they came about.

  1. President Carter laid the groundwork for the 2007 recession by passing a law requiring banks to finance homes for folks who couldn’t afford them.
  2. President Clinton put more teeth into the law in 1994 with threats of lawsuits against banks that didn’t comply.
  3. President Bush tried several times to limit the impending disaster he saw coming only to have bills he presented to Congress killed by Franks and Dodd.


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