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The dictionary definition of "conservative" is, "Holding to traditional attitudes and values and cautious about change or innovation." How does that definition square with today's elected Republican actions and agenda?

By definition you would think Republicans would want lower taxes for as many people as possible. That is a very traditional value. Yet unless you make more than about $90,000 a year, your overall taxes went up. A conservative business man, when facing hard times, would cut his expenses and do everything possible to increase his income.

Yet the "conservative" NC legislature cut the states' income by giving the largest tax breaks in state history, to the wealthiest 1% of our citizens. The state is now facing a very serious deficit. This will have to be made up either by additional cuts to education and Medicaid or by increased taxes on the poor and middle class and more increased fees for every possible service.


Parents who have children who are approaching the age of obtaining a drivers license need to consider very carefully who you vote for in the upcoming election. The state legislature has deleted the monies for driver education in the coming school year (2015-2016). They want you as an individual family to foot the bill for your child to take driver education. What you need to understand that the cost will be between $265-$450. If the state does not provide enough money for driver education it will be very expensive for your child to take driver education and it would come from your pocket. This varies from one school system to another.

Those who support your paying for your child to take driver education say they and others should not have to pay for it. I wonder who paid for them. Taxpayers that is who paid. Some say if you can't pay for your child to take driver education, you shouldn't have the children. I don't believe that. Others say if you can't afford to pay for your child to take driver education then you wouldn't have a car anyway. I don't believe that either.


A campaign sign of Jamie Cochran, Republican candidate for Register of Deeds, caught my eye. Prominently located at the intersection of East Main and Depot Street Extension, it reads, in part, “morals and values still matter.”

The only logical interpretation of this statement is that he (Cochran), is a moral man, possessed of appropriate values, and that his opponent, incumbent Democrat Todd Raby, is immoral, and possesses inappropriate values.

Put aside the fact that the Register of Deeds is primarily a clerical position, with no standing to set policy, so that morals and values would seemingly be inconsequential. Challenger Cochran has elected to base his campaign on besmirching the reputation and good name of one of Macon County’s finest citizens, coming from one of the county’s finest families.


Talk about making a mountain out of a mound -- whoever is making this a big deal needs to see the upside of allowing the EBCI to retain control of this site. I pass the Cherokee Mound almost daily and am always wondering why this historic site hasn't been restored.

If the town can't take proper care of it, why not allow the EBCI to do so? What's the big fuss? We build special roads to let sovereign multi-national corporations take over our town and put local business out of business and siphon our money back to its sole owners in Arkansas (hello Walmart!). Yet, we think it's a big deal that a tribe that once ruled the lands here wants a sacred place back. Let them have it, let them restore it, let it be a sign of co-operation and provide a sign of respect for the people that once lived here. It's really a win-win, since the Cherokee Mound should be a tourist draw if restored. P eople do come to the area for its historic significance, why not make it a museum next to the mound? Celebrate the presence of this sacred site and make the now ugly entrance to Franklin something other than run down auto shops and metal buildings.

Franklin is missing an opportunity to be a destination for those interested in Cherokee history, just as it fails to exploit its place as a center for outdoor action and recreation.

J.C. Tripp — Franklin, N.C.

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