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In our local paper a couple issues back there was an article on whether or not our local government should have prayer before the opening of any meeting. It seemed the consensus was that most felt they would try to keep a prayer of some type in place, although there was one individual that commented they personally didn't see the need but would go along with whatever the commissioners decided, which I am respectfully disappointed in that outlook but not surprise by his thinking. Also in the article it was stated that there seems to be somewhat a double standard, which I agree, in that before Congress opens, the tradition is that they open in prayer, but this seems to be viewed differently for local government systems.

I know for most this seems a bit trivial, and religion should be kept private, and not in any open forum. Plus many feel there's little need for these old traditions in our modern world, and that we ourselves personally pray seldom or not at all.


I was just six years old and vividly recall the day, puzzling at my parents reactions to these words as they were broadcast nationwide. I don’t recall understanding the words, but days later sat between my parents in a theatre, seeing President Roosevelt say them on the “news” which was part of movie offerings then shown. There was no television, no internet, and certainly no cell-phones. We relied on radio and movie-theatre news.

The impact of that day on every American of all ages was enormous. Most Americans had no fore-knowledge. From historians we have learned that there were indications of coming conflagration, not just in Europe but here for our homeland.

We didn’t see it coming!


It has been one month since the Macon County Humane Society has changed their name. I am very happy to say that everyone is supportive of the name change with a very few exceptions. It was not an easy decision to make as so many things had to be changed to show the new name. But it was a necessary change all the same. For years we have been confused with the Macon County Animal Control. We are two totally separate organizations with totally different operating practices.

The Humane Society is a no kill shelter which simply means we never kill to make room for more dogs or cats. There are very rare occasions when we have to make the heartbreaking decision to have one euthanized due to severe illness beyond our capability to help. And that is a very rare occasion. Our staff has raised money for so many cats and dogs that needed surgery or extra medical care. This is not included in the shelter’s operating budget.


When millionaires and billionaires can be scammed by the promises of Bernie Madoff, who offered returns that were obviously unsustainable, and the voting public can swallow the theory that you can stick 30 million additional insureds into a national medical insurance system and reduce costs and premiums at the same time, then why shouldn’t Al Gore continue his loony-tunes postulations concerning man’s ability to destroy the Earth’s livability. It’s already made him rich and powerful, enough so you’d think he’d have enough of both money and power, but such is not the case.

Al, when he wasn’t inventing the internet, wrote a book, actually several. In one titled “Earth in the Balance,” he advocated the elimination of the internal combustion engine in 25 years. Since the book was published in 1992, if my third grade math serves me, we will all be riding bicycles by 2017. This is not the scary part. From page 294: “The world is once again at a critical juncture. We are invading ourselves and attacking the ecological system of which we are a part. As a result, we now face the prospect of a kind of global civil war between those who refuse to consider the consequences of civilization’s relentless advance and those who refuse to be silent partners in the destruction. The time has come to make this struggle the central organizing principal of world civilization.”


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published: 10/18/2013
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