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As a longterm NRA member I see a big mistake in your coverage about the guns in school issue. To picture a revolver as a BB gun and a semi auto .45 as the real gun could be taken by those who know nothing about guns that all revolver- looking guns are BB guns. Today’s toy gun market is filled with both revolver and semi-auto toy guns. Both look very real to any nongun person. You should have pictured two revolvers and pointed out the subtle difference between the two.

I have always admired Sheriff Holland and his department but am shocked that he states he has never had a discussion with his children about guns in school. All parents should do this.


The crap was flowing two weeks ago (you saw his lips moving didn't you) as our president told us more about what he has done and plans to do.

He did forget to tell you the scandals that have taken place during his administration though:


Historical injustices, real and perceived, create seeds of terrorism. Today’s policies create a fertile environment for the seeds of terrorism to flourish.

The first environmental factor is overpopulation. Where there is cultural pressure and/or lack of access to birth control, high birth rates lead to overpopulation.

The second factor is finite local resources to sustain that population, including food, healthcare, education, housing, and employment that results in sustainable income for families.


We would like to send our deepest appreciation to all of you who have donated money, clothes, furniture, toys and your services during our great tragedy. But most of all for your love, support and prayers. Without these we could not have survived this terrible time. Your continued concern and support are absolutely overwhelming and all we can hope for is that we will someday be able to pay it forward. Our hope in human goodness has been restored through all of your acts of kindness. So thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

Amanda, Daphne & Cole McCoy and family — Franklin, N.C.

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