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You can usually tell a lot about a politician's character by the way he runs his campaign.

Unfortunately, Sen. James Davis' campaign speaks volumes. One might have hoped our incumbent senator in Raleigh would have set the bar a little higher when it comes to discretion and decency in “politikin’” but I guess not. He is not alone, of course, among politicians who believe getting votes is more important than gaining respect. The incendiary mailings, the robo-calls and the television ads reflect a man with a loose association with the truth and a scorchedearth approach to campaigning many of us are finding tiresome and repugnant. Apparently, Sen. Davis' handlers (and millionaire patron) believe this is the only way to return him to Raleigh. Sadly, they may be right. But at what personal cost?


During this time as our country pulls together to respond to the millions impacted by Hurricane Sandy, we must not forget the unwavering support that our military service members provide for us every day at home and around the world. Over this holiday season, many service members will find themselves celebrating far from loved ones stationed in remote locations or recuperating in military hospitals.

This Veterans Day, you can show your support for our military heroes at home and abroad by giving a gift from our 2012 Holiday Giving Catalog:

• For a soldier stationed overseas: Phone cards ($20) connect a lonely soldier far from home with their loved ones, and make the distance a little more bearable during the holidays.


My name is Judie Johnson, and as many people know, I am fighting a battle with cancer. I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to all those who played a part at the benefit that was recently held in my honor.

The sponsors, the planners, the cooks, the bands, and all those who attended, bought tickets or hot dogs, and made donations - you have all made my life a little easier just by caring enough to contribute in some way, and for that I will forever be grateful.


The 2012 Election results are in and it gives me hope. Tip O'Neill, the former distinguished Democratic Speaker of the House, said "All politics is local." The sweeping Republican victory in Macon County tells us that we are on the right track. No matter what the Presidential results, Macon County and the State of North Carolina are moving "forward" and that is reason for hope and change.

The Democrat's dominance of the past is fading. The leadership of the Democratic Party is out of sync with the citizens. We look forward on the local, regional and state level to reduced debt, reduced regulation, educational reform, economic reform and reduced unemployment. Thank you Jim Davis, Paul Higdon, Mark Meadows, Pat McCrory, Melissa Evans and God Bless Macon County and the State of North Carolina.


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