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The Macon County School Board (MCSB) believes it will have to reduce spending by $1.95 million, about five percent, this fall unless it gets more money from its funders — state, federal, and county taxpayers.

The MCSB is in a tough position because it is limited to spending only the money it is provided, like a child’s allowance from their parents. It is also in an enviable position because it can lobby county commissioners for more money, without being directly accountable to taxpayers if property taxes increase.


After all the time and effort put forth by the citizens of Macon and Swain Counties, the NCDOT is back again wanting to pave Needmore Road. It seems the public get to have their input, but does anyone listen? We have our say, but we are not heard. Things seem to be settled for a short period, but then its right back again. Most of the people do not want to see their history, heritage and our beautiful God-made mountains and rivers destroyed. Why destroy what is already enjoyed the way it is?


Walking through the doors of Macon Early College I was nervous, afraid, and excited, all of which numerous students experience on their first day of high school. That day was different though, I was not only starting my high school career, but my college one as well. MEC: a place where people earn a two year associates degree and also get a laptop to use during their duration at MEC, which is all people know when they hear the name of that school. What people do not know is that MEC is not just a school; it is a tool, a lesson, and a home.

MEC has prepared me for college. Taking college classes in high school gave me a taste of what to expect when furthering my education. MEC has done more than prepare me for college; it has provided me with a second family and home.


Well, because the U.S. Congress and the Obama Administration couldn't produce a budget deal, automatic spending cuts commenced March 1. This occurrence is known as "sequestration." From what I've learned, this word is rooted in the idea of "following" as in sequel.

We could, I suppose, take that to mean sequestered funds are in the safekeeping of a trusted follower. Of course, as it's Congress we're trusting... so much for that idea.


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