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The term “socialism” has been evacuated of meaning from misuse. It is nevertheless being used more and more frequently in the media, albeit incorrectly for political reasons and because of the encyclopedic ignorance of the history of socialism in our country.

To complicate things, there are many versions of socialism today. State Socialism, Democratic Socialism, Libertarian Socialism, and Anarcho-Syndicalism are the most common theoretical forms. Two are actually existing socialisms. Democratic Socialism is operative in Scandinavia, Denmark, and to a lesser degree Germany and France; while, pockets of Anarcho-Syndicalism can be found locally in co-operative structures, such as the Mondragon Corporation in Spain.

Libertarian Socialism remains an ideal for the most part. State Socialism, the one that most people vaguely have in mind when they use the word “socialism,” is essentially a square-circle. It is a logical absurdity that cannot exist, at least not as socialism. To understand why, one must understand what socialism is and what capitalism is.


Read your letter Jim, you are no doubt a great shot, as you said you’re a pistol instructor but you really missed the target this time. You blame the big bad UAW Unions for our country’s problems.

First, if the men and women ever earned $60 or $70 a hour working on the production, you’re dreaming. Your information must have come from your old pals the business round table, being a past corp boss you should know who they are.


I read the letter to the editor entitled "The world keeps turning" in the July 16th issue with much interest.. And while I am by no means a biblical expert, I am familiar with a fair amount of Biblical content. So I looked up the scripture selections the writer used to support his conclusion that the sin of Sodom and Gomorrah was not homosexuality. Though I can understand from the references he quoted how he came to his conclusions, in the interest of clarification I want to respectfully, and in no way judgmentally, refer to a revealing scripture in the Sodom and Gomorrah story.

Gen19:4-7 clearly identifies homosexual behavior as a key issue in the Sodom story as Lot's response to the mens' insistence on having sex with his male guests was "No, my friends, do not do this wicked thing." And Lev. 18:22 also identifies it as clearly unlawful in Biblical terms when it declares "Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman." Since Jesus told us he came "not to do away with the law but to fulfill the law" (Matt5:17), when he referred to Sodom's punishment ( Matt10:11-15) it seems reasonable to conclude that he was not ignoring the Biblical status of homosexuality, even if he might have focused on the inhospitality of the people, as suggested by the writer.


I’m responding to a recent letter, “The Meaning of Freedom in Today’s America,” July 8. The writer seems to think the Founding Fathers believed in separation of church and state to the point if you were an elected official, you had to leave your “deeply held religious beliefs” at home. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The Founders, by their own words, clearly wanted an elected official to be influenced by his Biblical world view when making decisions in public office.

They assumed you had to believe in God to take an oath of office. To prove the point, the Founding Fathers came together from their own respective sates to work out things like the Declaration and the Constitution. They also then had influence helping frame the Constitutions in their own states.


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