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The Crane Family would like to thank everyone for a very successful golf tournament for Cindy's Wish. Thank you to all the sponsors, businesses that donated for the raffles, Mc-Donald's for the biscuits, golf participants and all the volunteers that came out to support the Cindy Crane Cancer Fund Golf Tournament.

Thank You to Mill Creek Golf Course for the use of their facilities. We appreciate each and every one who contributed their time to help our cause so we can continue to carry out Cindy's Wish and help the cancer patients in Macon County.


To all those parents out there who are struggling with your life and your kids, don't give up just yet. Things will always get better. Everyone goes through rough spots and sometimes things seem like they suck but do not give up just yet. Let me tell you guys ten reasons why I think you shouldn't give up on your kids.

1. We are your kids.

2. No matter what we say we love you.

3. We may act like we don't care but we do.


For entertainment value Tall Tales can't be beat. However, do we really want to vote on the basis of Tall Tales that are totally separate from reality? Vic Drummond recently wrote such a Tale in a letter to the editor. Every Tall Tale needs an evil villain so that would be me and the N.C. Department of Public Education in Drummond's Tale about how to justify cutting over a billion dollars in education funding and eliminating thousands of teaching jobs. It is interesting when a Republican points out anything that could possibly adversely affect a citizen, the Republicans paint themselves as the protectors of truth, justice, and the American way. When a Democrat points out something so important to every citizen as the inadequate funding of public education, the Democrat is labeled a “liberal partisan” that engages in “political hyperbole.”


As a working citizen, I have not paid much attention to politics until the last year. During this year I have done a lot of reading in history, economics, politics, and the free enterprise system.

It has become clear to me that both democrats and republicans are corrupt. So in an election where a third party is not a realistic option for winning who do I vote for. I was a republican until two months ago and no I am not a democrat now. Many people I talk to are middle of the road people and don't like aspects of either party.

Here are some of the things I learned from my reading:


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