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I read this last week about two items that showed how broken our local government is. First is titled "Sidewalk dispute could spell end of Bowery."

Here we have a gentleman who wanted to open up a restaurant. So he invested $650,000, (and that's not chump change!) Here he met with Mayor Scott and the town manager Summer Woodard and also with the town planner Justin Setser. He then showed the mayor, the town manager and the town planner where the emergency exit would be and where it would lead. Justin, the town planner "signed off" on the project.

Wait a minute. Are you guys stupid or incompetent? The mayor, the town manager and the town planner didn't know the sidewalk was on city property? Who is in charge here? Oh, wait I know. "It's not my department."


I, for one, am very thankful for our elected officials, often unfairly characterized as less than intelligent and lacking in wisdom and insight. Surely, the events of this past week should dispel any such opinions.

On the national level, our very own Senator Tillis has finally spoken out about the absurd requirement the food handlers wash their hands after using the bathroom. Why should they waste their time washing their hands when they could be so much more productive in the kitchen? Maybe we can finally get rid of those annoying signs in the restrooms showing us how to wash our hands.

And Gov. Christie has finally spoken out about the futility of childhood vaccinations. Surely those precious dollars could be better spent on something other than protecting our babies and children from deadly and devastating diseases.


Please please please ... stop the backyard breeding of dogs! Allowing the mating of two dogs does not make you a professional or responsible "dog breeder." Yet I can't tell you how many people tell me, "I got my dog from a breeder." We are grateful for what our MCHS (now Appalachian Animal Rescue) and other organizations do to educate the public, rescue and re-home unwanted dogs but it does not solve the root problem. Licensing real dog breeders and penalizing those who make easy money selling litters of pups to the less informed, unsuspecting public might help, but is not likely to happen anytime soon. I am not looking for more laws, I just wonder why we can't be responsible adults, do the math, and think about the long term problem we create including financial burdens to communities and the sadness of stray, unwanted, neglected and abused dogs. The numbers are staggering.


The Board of Directors of the Appalachian Animal Rescue Center (AARC), aka The Macon County Humane Society, is very excited and pleased to announce the reopening of their Thrift Store. After three weeks of hard work revamping and reorganizing, we want to let all of Western North Carolina know that we are back in business with a brand new look and totally new management. As with the incoming of 2015, our motto is, "Out with the old and in with the new."

And with that, we invite you to come visit, shop and donate at our new store located at the same old location (1521 Old Murphy Rd., Franklin 828-369-3046). Everything is cleaner, brighter and in better condition. Along with our usual deals on clothing and shoes, household goods, furniture, knick knacks, books, videos and odds and ends we are now selling some high-end items such as quality antiques and jewelry. We also have a small clothing boutique with beautiful brand name and new dresses.


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