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Opinion Letters

A special thank you to the parents and students who participated in the “Fill the Bus” event held on Saturday, Aug. 4, 2012. The materials and supplies donated to the school system will be sent to the schools very soon.

Thanks also to Karen Norton and the PTO volunteers and employees of the schools who assisted with the organization and loading of the supplies.

Jim Duncan
Interim Superintendent
Macon County Schools

The list of questions we must each ask ourselves before we vote in November is virtually unending. I have at least a dozen concerns and I'm having a wearisome time prioritizing them. Most certainly, extending the wars in the Mideast is near the top of the list. It's bad enough that the present administration hasn't ended our involvement there, a change of presidents could be even more disastrous.

Mitt Romney is very apt to follow a harder line of combativeness in that region in order to (1) support the policies of his long time friend, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and (2) to appease the powerful Jewish lobby in the United States, trying to filch a substantial portion of the Jewish vote away from Obama.


I like to read the John W. Whitehead column that The Macon County News and Shopping Guide carries, because Whitehead is mostly correct. However, attempting to explain the Dark Knight massacre, he fired very wide of his mark (02 August 2012). Not that what he said was wrong, but he is like the boy who was told to go out into the yard and fetch back a big, fat hen for Sunday dinner, but came back instead with a young pullet. He brought back a hen but a much smaller one than the one he was sent for. So, I want to take a shot at the mark.

Warning, this letter contains ideas that may be unsuitable for both young children and liberals.


I was lucky enough to attend the concert of ABBA music on Friday. As we patrons exited the building it was stunning to realize two and a half hours had flown by so quickly. We’d had a very good time. Everyone was talking excitedly about the quality of the performance, but one man in particular summed up the evening when he observed: The longer they went, the better they got.

This compliment has to be extended to our benefactors, Sharon and Phil Drake. The longer they keep offering tickets, the more fun we keep having. Each succeeding show seems to exceed our expectations. Thank you so very much, Sharon and Phil.

Narelle Kirkland — Franklin, N.C.

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