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Once upon a time a man rose to be the leader of his country. It was achieved by a revolution of the masses who accepted the new order of everyone being equal. The new leader executed millions of people that opposed the new philosophy of equality for all. He killed the opposing political leaders, the wealthy and the landowners. He was hailed for creating the new order. Businesses, farms, universities, professions, factories, housing and all other activity came under the ruler and his appointed committees. The rest of the world was in awe. The masses owned and controlled all segments of the society. There were no rich and no poor, only equals.

In the adjacent land the masses wanted to achieve the same kind of wealth. They followed a new leader and revolted. The old government fell. Committees were formed to reconstruct their society of equals, as there neighbors had done. Gone were the millionaires, the landowners and the money lenders. All were equals, no rich and no poor.


This letter is in response to Chris Murray’s letter concerning the difference between Republicans and Democrats. In particular, I am responding to his statements of the differences in the way the parties relate to the “needy.”

I quote: “The Republican philosophy is to empower rather than enable.” He uses the “Great Society,” created by Democrats, as an example of a failed approach that caused “generations to become dependent on and enslaved by their government for their needs.” The period referred to is also known as the “War on Poverty.” The local organizations in this war were called “Community Action Agencies,” and that is exactly what they were. Our local group, Macon Program for Progress” (MPP), was founded in the late 1960s and is still working to improve the quality of life for many.

According to the dictionary, empower means “to authorize or permit”; enable means “to make able, give power, means or ability to.” Enabling is exactly what the whole War on Poverty was about.


The recent letter to the editor authored by the new chairman of the Macon County Democratic Party seemed to be more about personal attacks on Senator Davis and Republicans in general than about “Why I’m a Democrat,” the title of the letter. Such hostile and inaccurate rhetoric is counterproductive in Macon County, as many Democrats and Republicans are personal friends and work on various non-partisan boards and organizations together to make our world and community a better place.

One big difference between the two political parties is in how they approach challenges with regard to the needy. The Republican philosophy is to empower rather than enable. While the Democratic Party was responsible for creating the “Great Society” with the best of intentions, that approach of helping the poor caused generations to become dependent on and enslaved by government for their needs. A more favorable path would have been creating an environment of personal responsibility leading to ultimate success in their lives. As Billy Graham recently observed, “we have rewarded laziness and called it welfare.”


The Constitution serves the purpose of regulating the government. We The People are regulated by laws. When The People want to regulate the behavior of Government, we amend the Constitution. James Madison once argued that there should be no Bill of Rights because by listing what the government cannot do, some may incorrectly assume that what is not listed within the Bill of Rights will by default become a right of the Government.

Homosexuality is nothing more than sexual nonconformity. The government has no business regulating either sexuality or nonconformity. Thomas Jefferson said, “It does me no injury for my neighbor to say there are 20 gods or no god. It neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg.” Gay marriage neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg. In fact, it’s already illegal in our State.


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