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Referring to a recent letter to the editor the writer suggested that anything or any opinion that disagreed with his/her own was a lie and that folks should avoid watching Fox News, I can’t help but wonder where all these attempts at censorship are going to lead us?

In Russia, Venezuela and other countries too numerous to name here, one can end up in jail for being critical of the government or challenging the “Great Minds” that run their country.

I have no doubt that if they could, some liberals and leftists would gladly flip a switch and shut down any television or print media they disagree with. And lately, the illiberal left has been showing their male intolerance for women who work at Fox News, referring to them as “dumb blondes.”

A Duke University professor is being fired because he made the connection that Asian immigrants tend to use American names for their kids but black Americans tend to use African or Muslim names for their kids. To him, it meant that black Americans were failing to assimilate but Asians were. Understanding a problem was censored.

There are some eternal problems in censoring opposing ideas and opinions. First of all, whose opinion is the right opinion? What “Great Mind” should we all bow down to and obey? Does anyone really have all the answers and has anyone figured out exactly and precisely what’s best for humanity?

Over the years I’ve had the pleasure to meet many highly talented and intelligent people in my life but sadly, their knowledge was limited to narrow fields and lacked wisdom outside their field of endeavor. Obviously, no one has a handle on wisdom.

Liberals claim a complete understanding of human nature and how the universe works, but frankly I have never met one that impressed me although they would force me to believe, if they could, they hold the only truth.

Religious Conservatives seem to be influenced by a variety of religious ideologies, all of them different and confusing.

Some Republicans at least understand what makes an economy tick.

Not sure there are many Democrats left and seem to have been hijacked by the Leftists and illiberals.

That leaves us with the growing Independent movement in America and these are the people who weigh all sides to an argument. They understand no one group holds all the answers, regardless of what they claim, there are no “Great Minds” we should obey.

All this tells us that we need to keep open minds and listen to everything being said in all media.

So yes, continue to watch Fox News, MSNBC, Al Jazeera, CNN and all the rest lest you suffer the fate of being narrow-minded and having a closed mind. North Korea is a good example of when some idiotic “Great Mind” is pulling all the strings.

Surely, most are intelligent enough to weigh all factors and don’t need to be told what to watch or read, much less what to think. Challenge those who would censor you.

Bob Wilson — Franklin, N.C.

A recent letter to-the-editor charged that Highlands Police Department did not show proper respect to the family at the funeral of a former Highlands police officer. The whole story was not told. In fact, Highlands Officers Castle, Dowdle and Reynolds were at the funeral dressed in full uniform, and I attended the funeral as the Mayor of Highlands.

Furthermore, 25 regional law enforcement agencies have been consulted by our staff concerning the funeral protocols for honoring current and former officers. That policy is being drafted and will be presented to the Town of Highlands Board of Commissioners for their review.

Prior to becoming Mayor of Highlands, I worked for ten years with law enforcement agencies as a Macon County Magistrate. I can assure everyone, Highlands has the most professional and best trained police department that the town has ever had. Highlands officers, like all area law enforcement officers, strive for the highest levels of integrity and service to the community.

Patrick Taylor, Mayor of Highlands

To the Otto First Responder Unit and Volunteer Firefighting Department:

My name is Ryan Droney, and almost two weeks ago on a Saturday, May 9, 2015, you helped save my life. I want to thank you for that, all of you, wholeheartedly. I don't remember much, but am told you arrived within minutes, and without your immediate response, things could have been much worse for me. I want to thank you not only for your help and efforts in my own situation, but for the many things you give, all on your own time and your own dime. Your commitment to the community around Franklin and Otto is extremely appreciated, as I assume many of you have families, work jobs, and have numerous other things going on in your lives. Still, you offer up your time for people like me, people who need help.

Volunteering is just that, volunteering time in return for the satisfaction you are doing something worthwhile. You don't get paid, yet you do it. You travel to calls like mine on your own dollar, and that type of person, the giving type, is a special quality. Someone once said, "If you want to touch the past, touch a rock. If you want to touch the present, touch a flower. If you want to touch the future, touch a life." You have done just that, so thank you, very much. You have made a massive impact on my life, and I will forever appreciate that.

With thanks,

Ryan Droney — Otto, N.C.

Wake up America and pray. Pray for those nine justices on the Supreme Court, that they will seek the Lord’s guidance in the decision they are to make concerning marriage between two people of the same sex. God makes it very clear in his word, that marriage is between one man and one woman, not between two people of the same sex.

If laws keep being made that go against what God tells us in his word, how long is it going to be before they come after our Bibles and tell us we can’t use them any more?

I remember in the 1930s and early ’40s in elementary school how the teacher would start many days off with Bible reading and prayer. I remember a local minister speaking to our class in 1949 when I graduated from Franklin High School. In recent years, when a minister spoke to a graduating class at Nantahala High School, the news media raised such a ruckus, that if you didn’t know better, you’d think a major crime had been committed.


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