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Opinion Letters

I find it hypocritical that our leaders in Raleigh want to limit local government's ability to rule themselves but they are quick to chastise the federal government when they limit the ability of states to rule themselves.

With regard to fracking, education and many other issues, our statewide elected leaders should leave as many policy decisions as possible to the counties and municipalities. The further you take government away from the people, the less effective government becomes.


Naturally any critique of baby boomer protestors is going to meet with ... Protest.

In his response to my earlier opinion the writer says that the 1960’s protestors were a continuation of the “Greatest Generation” ideals and that just like the Greatest Generation many paid the “Ultimate Sacrifice.” I see, then those protestors carrying signs in Washington DC, most in a marijuana induced haze, chanting their slogans over and over were equal in courage and purpose to the soldiers storming Omaha Beach on D-Day 6th of June 1944.

And the writer claims that if not for the same type of protest that we would still be sending our taxes to England with no equitable representation. Ah! I see! Then these same sign-carrying Woodstock attending college kids are of the same breed and hardy stock as those Revolutionary War soldiers freezing to death at the winter camp of Valley Forge with George Washington. Everything I have heard from them regarding our Founding Fathers is that they are nothing but a bunch of racist old white men whose name should be stricken from history. All I can say is this; does their narcissism know no bounds?


So many people, especially the liberal left press, and his family, are struggling to skew the facts in Michael Brown’s favor. People are not getting all the facts in this case.

After the police officer pulled up to Michael Brown to talk to him, he opened the door of the car to get out, Michael Brown, who is 6’4” and 300 pounds, shoved the officer back in and beat him to a pulp in the front seat, consistently punching him in the face while trying to get his gun, which had not been drawn. The officer had very serious facial injuries. One of the first on the scene, the Assistant Police Chief immediately drove the officer to the hospital for treatment and it was found that he had serious injuries with fractured bones around the eye orbit. And yet, hardly anyone knows about this from the press. I believe that Brown thought he was going to be arrested for the strong arm robbery he committed the day before, and he tried his best to knock out the officer. Brown finally tried to walk away. The officer, Daren Wilson, who was nearly beaten unconscious, got out with his gun and ordered Brown to freeze. When Brown turned around and advanced on him, even with his hands up, the officer shot him, which was justifiable under the circumstances.


Most all of us are looking or wanting to hear something that will direct and reveal itself to us through the difficulties of life and modern living. If we really have evolved we would not care about seeking this out or be able to support why it matters to us, so then we would be reduced as lower animals and function as they do. This searching out is evident through living and even our communicating to each other through our actions and words. But the meaning of words differ from one person to another. Much of this is not in the truest meaning of the word, it's what our culture forces words to mean. So tolerance is to take place, whether politically or culturally, and our words must be guarded, and some words should not even be spoken. It seems we feel better towards ourselves if we use or don't use certain words, even though there's no actual reason to do so. Using such words as spiritual, god, unity, acceptance, or tolerance and love give a false sense of being above the fray so to speak, but in reality for most, it's the sound of the word that makes us feel good about ourselves and not the truest meaning of the word. Many are crying out for us to be truthful and tolerant with love and unity with our words and deeds, but this truly can’t be lived out unless it comes from within the heart and thinking of each of us.


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