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Do grocery stores discriminate? Why is that of the three of them in Franklin, none can carry Boar’s Head products or offer a deli and coffee shop? Stores of the same name in the area that I know of offer these services. Why not Franklin?

I am appalled at the amount of trash I see daily along our scenic highways and byways. Why are there so many folks willing to sully our otherwise beautuful mountain area, when we have abundant user-friendly recycling center available? Perhaps a spring cleanup campaign or a litter awareness program is in order. Let’s stop this travesty.

Francis Chicoine — Franklin, N.C.

We are truly blessed to have such a wonderful volunteer fire dept. and EMS and First Responder service, here in Otto. These men and ladies are smart, calm, confident, patient, thoughtful, caring, warm and friendly.

It was so good to see them come up my hill to my home. I knew all would be well as soon as they came in the door.

They all were wonderful and I thank them for everything.

God bless them all.

Ginny Gonzalez — Franklin, N.C.

Obama says poverty and lack of education are causes of terrorism. He says we need to lift them out of poverty and see that they get a good education. (Oil rich nations should have no poverty and have good schools to provide education.) He says not addressing their grievances is another cause of terrorism. He wants the world to follow this plan.

Do you think the terrorists care about poverty education or treatment of the people? They kill their own people. It is their ideology that makes them terrorists. The terrorists have high-jacked the Islamic religion and are using it to shield their ideology.

Vice President Biden says that marginalizing immigration is a cause of terrorism. In other words, the world needs to open their borders and let them in without limit.


When I was a young man in college, trying to expand my horizons with broader thinking and new ideas, I entered this environment a bit naive in not understanding the thinking that crept into the era of the late ’60s and ’70s. The norm for the younger generation was to question authority and the culture of the past. The Vietnam War had gone on for too long and I along with many didn't fully understand it. But too late realized, that in pulling out we let many die at the hands of a brutal regime. These were some of the issues within the college culture as well as the thinking, God was dead and nonexisting. If you’re around 50 or less you may not relate to this because you are within part of this cultural shift whether realized or not.

I found myself as a Christian in a very uncomfortable environment. My professor at the time was anti-God, and belief was just wishful thinking. This was the thinking of Friedrich Nietzsche, which made known the “God is Dead” philosophy, and he himself was at one time a Christian, turned atheist, and eventually died from mental illness. No one really seems to know what exactly caused him to lose his faith, then fight so hard against it. But this thinking, although in different forms, has always been with us. I also, but not to the same extent, seemed to lose or question my faith during a time of questioning.


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