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When millionaires and billionaires can be scammed by the promises of Bernie Madoff, who offered returns that were obviously unsustainable, and the voting public can swallow the theory that you can stick 30 million additional insureds into a national medical insurance system and reduce costs and premiums at the same time, then why shouldn’t Al Gore continue his loony-tunes postulations concerning man’s ability to destroy the Earth’s livability. It’s already made him rich and powerful, enough so you’d think he’d have enough of both money and power, but such is not the case.

Al, when he wasn’t inventing the internet, wrote a book, actually several. In one titled “Earth in the Balance,” he advocated the elimination of the internal combustion engine in 25 years. Since the book was published in 1992, if my third grade math serves me, we will all be riding bicycles by 2017. This is not the scary part. From page 294: “The world is once again at a critical juncture. We are invading ourselves and attacking the ecological system of which we are a part. As a result, we now face the prospect of a kind of global civil war between those who refuse to consider the consequences of civilization’s relentless advance and those who refuse to be silent partners in the destruction. The time has come to make this struggle the central organizing principal of world civilization.”


Although we have poured tax money into expensive alternative energy, with some companies already having gone broke, the only results we have seen is killing millions of birds, including eagles and more expensive electrical power.

There is an alternative and that alternative is nuclear power and ultimately, is what eventually will have to be our source of electric power. We have no choice.

Throughout recent history, we have always had those who live in fear of nuclear power but these are the same folks who live in fear of eating a hamburger at a fast food joint and who refuse to have their kids inoculated against diseases. They point to the Chernobyl disaster in Russia and Fukushima disaster in Japan as examples of what can go wrong. Both are lousy examples, however. Russian nuclear technology was extremely backward when they built the Chernobyl nuclear power plant some 60 years ago. The Fukushima disaster in Japan was a fool’s game because they built it on the edge of a seacliff, subject to earthquakes.


I have been a resident of Macon County for 25 years, and a teacher in Cherokee for 20 years. I choose to live in Macon County because it is a nice place to live, but I do have some questions and comments concerning Franklin, and Macon County’s place in Western North Carolina.

During the years that I have been a citizen of the area, I have seen many good changes in Cherokee - but not so many in Franklin. Twenty years after NAFTA, the people here are still struggling for jobs, but no large businesses nor industries have been allowed to locate here. And the question is “why”? It couldn’t be lack of land for them to build on, because a drive from the foot of Cowee Mountain down 441 south to the Georgia line will show many “for sale” signs on acres and acres of land with roadside frontage. Some of this land has been for sale for a very long time - therefore a place for a business for industry to build should not be a problem. But now that I have learned that our local government is not encouraging business or industries to locate here, I would like to mention an alternative plan that would provide jobs for many people, and at the same time, draw-in a multitude of tourists.


Why vote in ignorance? If you do you may vote for a political dictatorship county wise, state wise and nationally. That you can never throw off. Millions of inside and outside money has poured into our state. The Koch Brothers of Texas are a blatant example of the endless monied interest. High sounding names of organizations like The Tea Party Patriots and Americans for Prosperity and endless others of the same radical agendas, concealing who they are and what they are doing politically.

Simply put, they are part of and party to an all-out Republican war to destroy the constitutional Democratic government of the people, by the people, for the people. By placing radicals and numerous others just like them into all our government political systems, as majorities to take absolute control legally, to change and corrupt the political system.


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