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Opinion Letters

Bob Wilson’s most recent published letter typifies the callous oversimplification and blanket insults typical of today’s Republican Party fed by Fox News, Rush Limbaugh etc.

To quote Mr. Wilson, “One must dismiss opinions that teachers come up with because they are, after all, union members and unions exist to protect teachers, not students.”

This is akin to claiming that “one must dismiss opinions that (all) Republicans come up with because they are, after all, more devoted to the almighty dollar than they are to the Godly principles they claim to hold.”


That America is at a tipping point is quite obvious. The Leftists have taken over the Democratic Party to the point that it is almost unrecognizable. Anyone who believes that the president is doing something good for America is only kidding themselves because the intent has always been to convert America to a Socialists form of government. It has never been about democracy.

Using the trillions of debt we have built up to buy votes is, obviously, unsustainable and eventually, the few who aren’t on a government dole of some form or the other will have to pay the bill when it comes due. This will take the form of heavy taxation which will in turn kill industry and the working middle class while pushing us further into debt.


Within our indifferent, self-absorbed, self-satisfying modern lives we find ourselves in, we feel we are our own entity. Man comes into this world with nothing but a naked selfishness and a “Me” mentality, then leaves this world behind many times the same way as he came, but perhaps even more so. As the saying goes, “ the one with the most toys wins,”.... but you can't take it with you when you go. So the self absorbence is like the dog chasing his tail, life becomes numb and questions its existence.

Man's search for purpose, meaning, and relationships seems never ending, and this search can leave a desperation from within that is hard to live with. Even the famous French painter, Paul Gauguin, selfishly left his family, to find freedom in the islands of Tahiti, and to escape the conformity of life that surrounded him. He was searching and thought he would find through basic living, a more reasonable and meaningful life. His great painting “Vision after the Sermon” that is displayed in the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, shows that man has no answers; he had written on this painting so no one would mistake its meaning, … “Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Do We Go?” After this painting Gauguin tried to commit suicide but was not successful.


It is quite the rage to blame everything bad that happens to us on the evils of big government. From long lines at the DMV to "over regulation" It is an easy target. If government can't do the job, is the private sector up to the task of keeping our society out of utter chaos?

The answer from most conservatives is yes. Call it what you will, business, free enterprise, or the free market, let capitalism loose, repeal all the regulations and society will prosper. Let's see how well that has worked.

For $.97 GM could have fixed the ignition switch that has caused numerous deaths and millions in property damage, but it save $.97 on each car. Duke Energy decided to store their coal ash in unlined ponds near water supplies because they could, and it was cheap. BP kept drilling in the Gulf after they knew there was danger, but it cost less than relining the well. Exxon could have used double hulled oil tankers, but that would cost more than cleaning up a few beaches.


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published: 10/18/2013
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