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I was saddened to see a letter from David Snell filled with anti-semitism.

The fact is that the hatred Palestinians feel for the Jews is because the Jews came along and turned an otherwise desert area into a productive and creative country responsible for many inventions and productivity. The last I heard the Jewish people had some 32 Nobel Prizes and none for the Palestinians. Many of the things we take for granted are due to the Jewish people ranging from science to medical equipment. Again, nothing from the Palestinians.


This letter is in response to a letter to the editor published in another local newspaper that objected to alleged behavior of supporters of Jim Davis attending the debate between Jim Davis and John Snow at the August meeting of the League of Women Voters.

I was in attendance at the Forum. Here are my observations and experiences in response to your complaints:


I recently received an award of membership in The Order Of The Long Leaf Pine. I was totally surprised and feel very honored to be recognized by Governor Beverly Perdue.

I need to thank a multitude of people who, I believe, are responsible for this award. There would be my family who has supported me and assisted me in many activities. They are and have been asset that is wonderful.


In response to the very talented writer who felt it necessary to be vindictive and hateful regarding my recent letter. I am afraid her anger and fragile emotional state blinded her to the truth of my words. She even misquoted me. I never said George Soros was “singulary responsible for everything in our system.” She needs to read without anger to interpret what is said. She further stated that I repeated lies, misinformation, and twisted history which she feels was proven false by her un-named sources. I never print things that have not been validated. Again, her emotions ran rampant as she made up her own words to interpret what I said about the UN and Mr. Soros. She spouted about “These Patriots,” and “their man in the White House,” it was obvious she is so far Left that finding the truth is not important to her. For this I am very sorry for her. The old quote, “There are none so blind as those who will not see,” is very appropriate in her case.


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