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We really have a lot to think about this election. A lot of things Pres. Obama wanted to get done, but with a Republican Congress could not get any thing passed. If you think back, the first day Obama was sworn in, the GOP said their main goal was to see him fail. Not to help him or the people, just see to it he fails. Had he not helped the auto industry, does anyone realize how many people in this town alone that would have lost their jobs.

Also the GOP in some states are taking voting rights away from a lot of veterans who fought for our voting rights. They have gotten old and in nursing homes and no IDs anymore like drivers license or property owners any more.


I often read in this column of disapproval of North Carolina’s Republican-led legislature. Many of us have far more serious concerns than those typically expressed in this column. Principles such as the sanctity of life, the sacredness of marriage between one man and one woman, the dignity of earning one’s own way according to ability, personal accountability, and many other fundamentals are at the heart of our concerns.

I was a Democrat, but as I have heard so many others express, the Party left me. My former Party, once guided by altruistic paradigms, is no longer familiar to me. I cannot defend the Party’s position against God, communicated so loudly and clearly at the Democratic National Convention. That dishonest charade was an insult to every conscientious American.


While visiting my grandsons recently, 11-year-old Sam announced he would vote for Romney because Michelle Obama was responsible for shrinking his school cafeteria cookies one-third in size.

After interrogations from the truth squad (me), with unfounded sources uncovered, I asked if he didn’t actually respect someone determined to improve kids’ health and problems of obesity. Answer: “yea, sorta” as he launched into a rap song and dance ... “Michelle shrunk our cookies ...” as I was pondering the various screwy reasons that move some adults to vote as they do.

How important is respect for the basic morality of those who supposedly run the show? Among other values, the Obama tough and high principled leadership has raised the dialogue that the economy and health of this country are dependent on a clean and moral environment. In four short years, our president, despite harsh political adversity, has tallied a heap of successes for the American people.


This is in response to the letter from Sandi Dotherow in the Sept. 27 edition of MCN. Ms. Dotherow’s letter repeats several myths and falsehoods about Social Security that float around on the internet. Based on these myths, she then attacks several Democratic presidents for, among other things, “taking away our freedoms,” and suggests we “not vote blindly” in the upcoming election. I would like to set the record straight.

Social Security was never a voluntary program as Ms. Dotherow claims President Roosevelt “promised,” nor could it have been. While in its early days the law applied to the occupations of only about half of wage earners, everyone employed in those job categories was always legally obligated to pay into the system – participation was not voluntary. Today, with rare exceptions (mostly state and local government employees who come under an alternative system) nearly all occupations come under the law.


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