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I just got my copy of the Dec. 8, Macon County News and began reading the “Letters to the Editor” and was appalled at the letter you printed by Larry Davis.

First of all, as a former now retired teacher in Macon County schools, I highly object to Mr. Davis’ opinion that “a visit to any of our public schools will show that a very high percentage of our teachers are obese.” It is very obvious to me that he has never visited any of our schools.


If there is a single apropos word to acknowledge Larry Davis’ letter of Dec. 8, “Macon residents simply eat unhealthy food,” that word is OUCH!

However, on the truth-o-meter, Mr. Davis’ letter rings the bell, right on the money. Obesity is a problem throughout much of America (especially here in the south) and true, it isn’t a “mystery,” neither is the solution anything akin to rocket science.


At what point did people decide manners were no longer needed? Have you ever heard the saying, “If you can’t say anything nice then it is better to say nothing at all?” It seems to me that Macon County’s problem is not just obesity but outsiders with a total lack of manners. When a county employee is publically ridiculed by name over their physical appearance in the newspaper I think it is time to think about things your mother should have taught you as a child.

Beauty is skin deep. You cannot accurately judge someone by appearance only.


Regarding the December 2 article on obesity being the top county health challenge.

Both The Franklin Press and The Macon News covered this story and published photos of Kathy McGaha, the Macon Public Health quality program manager. It appears that Ms. McGaha is somewhat obese and that is exactly the nature of the problem. Obesity is rampant and fully acceptable in Macon County. A visit to any of our public schools will show that a very high percentage of our teachers are obese. Our children spend their days in school around fat teachers and go home to fat parents. It’s truly no wonder that many of these children think it is perfectly alright to be obese.


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