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I’ve read about, and seen on TV, demonstrators occupying Asheville, New York, Oakland, and other cities.

They seem uncertain as to what their real goals are other than to destroy our system of government and capitalism. They are seeking additional “handouts” from the government, and have a “Share the Wealth” mentality. Many carry signs demanding that we change to a Communist or Socialistic government.

The Asheville Citizen-Times published an Associated Press article on Nov. 6, 2011, page F-2, that pretty well countered the demonstrators’ philosophy. The article stated that Cuba’s Communist-Socialist government employs over 80 percent of the workers there, and that they are paid $20 per month in return for free education, health care, nearly free housing, transportation, and basic foods.


“WOW!” What a happy evening spent with Dorothy and her lovable friends on the yellow brick road last Saturday! Thank you to Scotty Corbin for starting Overlook Theatre Company, to all the local folks who design, stage and act in these amazing “good-as-broadway” performances; to the Drakes for providing a professional facility and to sponsors who support the productions.

What a wonderful opportunity for children to learn acting skills on a professional stage, for hometown people to share their talents in scripting, painting, costumes, stage design, music etc., all providing uplifting entertainment for us regulars. Gosh, we’ll probably lose some of these actors and stage hands to Broadway if this keeps up. But in the meantime, we are lucky in Franklin to have such talented people doing such good works.


National Philanthropy Day is Nov. 15, and I’ve been thinking lately about that universal spirit of generosity that prompts us to help others.

On a national scale, Americans gave $3.3 billion in charitable gifts in 2010, even in this tough economy. On a local level, too, as the Foundation Director at Murphy Medical Center, I see examples of generosity every day right here at home.

Our incredible volunteers donating over 10,000 hours per year to help us with our important work for the community. A concerned citizen walking through the door with a cash donation to help us fight breast cancer. Hundreds of people turning out to participate in a fundraiser.


Watching the GOP debates and the candidates reminds me of how bad this country has fallen in its leadership skills.

We are seeing ideology and hypocrisy when we desperately need competency and democracy.

Bush and the GOP gave us two unfunded wars that have cost us over $1.5 trillion. The wars make money for the rich and made graves and hardships for our military families.


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