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Asheville is a town full of smart aggressive people and a town with a lot more winners than losers. Anytime a city has an unemployment rate below five percent they are obviously doing something right. However, there are a few people around Asheville who seem to ignore simple economics. They assume that taxing the rich will bring in more money to our state. If that were true Gov. Perdue would still be in office. Under her we probably had the highest tax rate in the south along with the 49th highest unemployment rate in America.


Appalachian Animal Rescue Center? What does this latest name change mean to the Macon County Humane Society?

Some time in 2000 the Macon County Humane Society became a No Kill shelter, and had a name change. And now another name change? The questions I would like answers to, “Is the Appalachian Animal Rescue Center still considered a branch of the Macon County Humane Society?” “Is the treatment of animals any different under the new name?” and “What is the benefit of the new name?”


Nature seems to renew itself in early spring, the clean cool fresh air, the blooming of wild rose, azaleas, and rhododendrons, life seems to spring forth from everywhere. But nature also seems in the decline, the reduction of habitats and forest areas are putting stress upon nature. Pollutants are effecting even places seldom ever visited as in the Arctic regions. We have the different species of plants and animals that are under stress for their survival. Nature seems it's looking for some relief, but it's having difficulty in getting there. This to some extent has always been with us, but seems more so today than ever before, it even seems to parallel the plight of the world which we live, in that every nation even ours seems to be in decline looking everywhere for relief and a direction to follow. We look for something or someone we can trust with character, and a track record we can build our trust upon, but again, we never seem to get there.


What exactly is Socialism? Socialism can be explained in two words, “government control.”

The majority of people do not even know that there are only eight levels of control that must be obtained before you create a social state known as socialism.

1.) Healthcare: Control healthcare and you control the people and their medical needs.

2.) Poverty: Increase the poverty level as high as possible. Poor people are easy to control and won’t fight back if you give them everything they need to survive.


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