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Another 4th of July is come and gone. Do not let this 4th and all of the others be forgotten or for what freedom really stands for. Our country is now under suppression and it is time that we do not forget the men and women of this nation who fought and died for us to have the freedom we have today. Of all the wars that the patriots of our country have fought, thanks to the Lord our flag is still waving.

Only we as a great nation can overcome the perils that have been brought against our Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and our flag. United we stand and let us be as a proud nation of all races who will never let our freedom be taken away.


As I watched the news last Thursday night, there was a two to three minute bit about the shooting in Chattanooga that killed four marines and wounded others. Then after that segment comes along about a ten-minute bit relating the Charleston shooting and confederate flag.

Something that happened the same day to something that happened a month ago and the event that took place a month ago still gets precedence. Pres. Obama attended the funeral of Rev. Clementa Pinckney.

I wonder how many of the fallen marines’ funerals he will be attending?


The U.S. egg industry is reeling from a colossal outbreak of avian flu, mostly among egg-laying chickens. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, 48 million birds, accounting for 11 percent of the nation’s egg-laying hens, have been slaughtered for fear of infection during the past few months.

The effects are far-reaching, from how to dispose of millions of potentially infected bird carcasses to job losses and rapidly rising egg prices. More than 40 countries have restricted U.S. poultry imports.

Although the precise cause of the outbreak remains uncertain, the horrendous conditions in today’s factory farms make egg and chicken production extremely vulnerable to disease outbreaks, and therefore, not sustainable.


Having been raised in Catholic Schools for most of my youth I have always admired their educational system as well as their religious doctrine.

Originally, I admired Pope Francis who reportedly moved into smaller quarters and now eats at the cafeteria with the ordinary employees.

But, I must now take issue with him.

His speeches in Latin America demonstrate a total lack of understand of human nature, as well as how capitalist economies operate. He appears critical of people who want to make enough money to be financially secure in their old age. Extrapolating from his comments, we must assume he envisions some great world government taking care of us in our old age and that personal ambition is wrong.


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