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All of us can think of ways in which men of national prominence have benefitted us: FDR and providing jobs, JFK and inventing new materials for the moon program which we use daily, MLK for making the principles of our Constitution a part of everyday life for everyone. It is rare, however, to benefit in our own life from someone you know locally, such as your next-door neighbor. Harold Corbin has been just such a man. The legacy of the institutions and ongoing functions for which he is responsible was well reviewed in last week’s News and Shopping Guide, and the inspiring music his sons provided was enjoyed by several hundred just this past Saturday at Holly Springs Baptist Church. This tribute reflects how Harold’s love of being a Maconian carried over to everyone, even a brand new arrival.


An open letter to the youth of our county and state: North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory has just signed a bill that will end the moratorium on hydrofracturing (fracking) in our state. This will have a profound effect on us all.

The world is your inheritance. If you care about life and health, please learn more about this process. You may agree with the governor. That is your right. But please don't agree without knowing what you are agreeing to. Learn about it. There is enough information on the internet to help you make a decision.


Just a little over a week ago I had to say goodby to one of my closest friends. She came into my life as a wandering stray, and you could tell she was severely abused. My little four-legged friend took over five months before she would even allow me to touch her. But over time we gained each others confidence and started a inseparable bond and friendship that lasted for more than a decade; whereever I was, she was right there with me, right up to the end.

As many of you have experienced, it's a very strange and heart-wrenching experience, in calling the vet and scheduling the death of a friend you hold very dear. This is always a very disturbing and emotional thing that many of us have had to deal with at some point in time, for me it was almost like losing a loved one.


We continually hear the myth about how the rich are greedy but what we don’t hear is how greedy a high school dropout can be or the union workers who want more money or even those on welfare who want more benefits. In reality, they are all driven by greed.

Our rich buy and build all those things that provide jobs. The rich invest their money which allows industry and manufacturing to grow. Confiscate more money from the rich and it goes into a government hopper where it inevitably disappears in wasteful and massive government bureaucracies. Government does not create jobs, only a free market does.

And the rich don’t keep their money under a mattress; they invest it to help our country grow.


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