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Current events in the world suggest that if Christianity is to survive in this world, it must re-invent itself or find itself irrelevant.

Right now, democracy and Christianity are in a battle with Islamist political systems and unless we can reform religion in America, we will find ourselves in a continual bloody battle. Somehow, Christianity must evolve into a belief system that can appeal to sensible and logical minds in not only America but across the world. Christianity cannot continue to lie to its members. You might fool some children into believing that there really was a Noah’s Ark and that all humans were wiped out during the great flood but anyone with a brain at all knows that no animal, human or otherwise, could have survived with just two of each simply because inbreeding would have done them in. To avoid inbreeding, there must be at least 300 members of any animal group and sisters cannot marry brothers. Even mother elephants know they must kick their sons out of the group when it reaches puberty to avoid inbreeding. And any sensible person would know that an Ark would have to have been miles long to contain all the animals of the world, not to mention the logistics of getting kangaroos all the way from Australia.


Back pedaling for all he’s worth, Sen, Jim Davis now says fracking is “off the table,” at least as far as Western N.C. is concerned. Since Davis loves fracking and is co-sponsor of a bill that will allow the highly questionable procedure in our state, why is he now backing down? Because he tells us, disingenuously, that he wants to save “the taxpayers money.”

The reality is, his spin doctors and handlers not withstanding, Davis can’t disguise the fact that he is behind the eight ball for supporting a bill that is extremely unpopular to Republicans and Democrats alike, and, of course, he is up for reelection.


The Vietnam Veterans of America, Chapter #994, would like to thank all the businesses in Macon, Jackson and Swain county who supported our chapters second annual golf tournament on Saturday, Aug. 30. There were 113 sponsors and some of you sponsored more than one hole. There were also 20 businesses who donated door prizes for our tournament.

We would also like to thank all the golf teams who participated in our tournament. Without your support our tournament would not have been so successful.

The Golf Club at Mill Creek was a great venue and the owners and staff went above and beyond what we could have expected. Thank you Tony and Brenda Munger for all you did to make the day a huge success.


If we put all the environmental issues (air, water, land) aside, have you considered the impact that "fracking" will have on our county and this state if is found to be economically feasible? National Geographic magazine (a reasonably objective magazine) can be read by Googling the magazine and the word “fracking" The magazine report outlines the economic and social impact on towns in North Dakota which are similar in size to many communities in western North Carolina. Yes, jobs were created. Yes, salaries for theses jobs were greater than the prior average salaries in these communities.

However, Mr. Davis, did you know that most of these jobs required specific technological skills not found in the local workforce? The jobs created available to the local citizens were primarily labor, trucking and transportation jobs. These transportation jobs consisted to transporting millions of gallons of water to "fracking" sites, and the removal of millions of gallons of waste water containing unknown chemicals to waste water treatment facilities. Yes, these truck driving jobs were well paying. They were so well paying that public service personnel (fire fighters, police, EMS workers and teachers) as well as persons serving in the private sector became drivers. Sounds like a “win win situation”.


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