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When it comes to the end of our time, most of us want to go peacefully at home with our families if we have the choice. That doesn’t happen by accident. We had no warning with my Mom, who died suddenly, but with Dad three years later, who died blind and deaf with severe complications of diabetes and advanced heart disease, it was a long, agonizing process. For several months it was trips to the emergency room every time he had a crisis until we could find a nursing home, all the while trying to maintain our own jobs, homes and families and still meet his needs. With Medicare rules prohibiting long term care in nursing homes, he had to be self-pay and still had ER trips many times. Over the six months, we drained his finances and our own physical and emotional health.

In his last days, he lay for weeks in severe pain. One day his nurse asked if I knew about hospice. I didn’t. When I became aware, I immediately asked for hospice services. For the first time, Dad was given the pain medications he needed to rest easily, and a week later, he died in relative peace.


Evolution isn’t just about life on this planet changing. Political views constantly evolve. There was a time when the Democrats were firm believers in slavery and used the Bible to justify their position. Fortunately, Lincoln was a Republican and ended slavery.

As best I can tell, early Liberals believed in a “live and let live” philosophy but of late, Liberalism has become an ideology of forcing people to think and act according to what the “great thinkers” believe.

Now of course, Liberalism must be enforced by law. A good example of that is the former mayor of NYC who all but ruined the pastry business by passing laws to eliminate fat from pastry. Pastry has tasted awful since then.


Now that the ball is in the Republican park, it’s time to see some sensible and thoughtful legislation.

There’s been a lot of talk on the Republican side since the elections about repealing Obamacare. I believe this would be a short-sighted and rather dumb move on their part unless they have something better to replace it with.

It appears Obamacare has caused medical premiums to go up as we see outfits like Walgreens and CVS springing up all over the country in an effort to cash in on the huge medical expenditures. Everyone wants a piece of the cake.

It would seem, with the possibility of repealing Obamacare facing us, the Republicans would be wise to take a second look at a plan proposed by John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods, a few years ago.


Criminologists George Kelling and James Wilson, produced a theory called “Broken Windows.” They stated after extended studies within neighborhoods, the simple yet factual result of windows that are broken and not repaired send a message that no one cares or no one is in charge of the home or neighborhood so crime is inevitable and becomes rampant.

People sleeping in doorways or hallways of apartment buildings, deviant human beings panhandling for whatever they can get, urinating in public, graffiti on walls of once respectable buildings. Entering the subway you're in an uncontrollable environment that seems to have little or no enforcement, and you're on your own until your back above ground and in the light of day.

This deterioration comes slowly with just the “broken window,” which gives the message no one cares or is in control, but soon becomes a complete breakdown of neighborhoods where many are trapped or enticed into. People complain but the system seems not to care.


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