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I was lucky enough to attend the concert of ABBA music on Friday. As we patrons exited the building it was stunning to realize two and a half hours had flown by so quickly. We’d had a very good time. Everyone was talking excitedly about the quality of the performance, but one man in particular summed up the evening when he observed: The longer they went, the better they got.

This compliment has to be extended to our benefactors, Sharon and Phil Drake. The longer they keep offering tickets, the more fun we keep having. Each succeeding show seems to exceed our expectations. Thank you so very much, Sharon and Phil.

Narelle Kirkland — Franklin, N.C.

I’ve been reading the want ads in our local papers for state and county jobs.

What’s happening? I read down the requirements for the position and there it is: Spanish required. Why? My grandparents came from Sicily and in their day, English was required to get a job and they learned. Nowadays, if you don’t speak Spanish, you are not qualified for the position. Those people who want the service from our community should be required to speak some English.

All we are doing is penalizing our countrymen who would like to apply for the position.


I've been following plans for the up-coming “Rumble” with trepidation. Having lived through several bike weeks in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, I can tell you that it may be fun for bikers, but it sure isn't fun for anyone else. Locals tend to stay inside. On top of that, “bike week” soon expanded to include the entire month of March every year.

What is the problem with a serious influx of bikers? First of all, the noise. Motorcycles don't really have to make a lot of noise, but they do. That is the idea. Otherwise, why call biker conventions Rumbles or Rolling Thunders? Then there is the unnecessary congestion. Bikers don't have to park in masse blocking the entrance to restaurants and gas stations, but they do, and they don't have to ride in large blocks, gun their engines, and weave in and out of traffic, but they do. Lastly, there is the inevitable proliferation of biker bars and attendant problems. Don't think it can't happen here.


I want to take this opportunity to thank the Franklin Board of Aldermen, especially the legendary Franklin grump, Mr. Curtis, Mr. Greenwood, Teflon King and the local news media for the wonderful break from the oppressive humidity and heat by bringing us Mound Gate.

What I most enjoy is our town leaders, who worship at the Shrine of China, Wal-Mart, notorious destroyer of American jobs, shipper of American money to China, and evader of American taxes, will not pick up the phone to make a courtesy call to the leaders of a sovereign nation not 50 miles down the road from Franklin. One simple phone call to Cherokee's leaders, our neighbors, who are creating hundreds of jobs in WNC, to talk about a change in the maintenance management of the Nikwasi mound an obvious treasure to the Cherokee and Franklin. But then if someone at Town Central had been simply courteous, not to mention smart, we would not have the joy of Mound Gate.


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