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I do have concerns about a North Carolina school system spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a reading program in our current budgetary situation (MCN, 9/1). However, I want to clarify comments attributed to me about the gray matter volume study.

When I first talked to the reporter, her description of the study suggested it was not yet published but I subsequently went to the website she gave me and saw that it was. The second time I talked with the reporter, she did not catch that I did know it was published. She was probably influenced by the serious concerns I still had about the study being used to convince school board members to buy an expensive program.


Democrat attacks on TEA Party a disgrace and grossly inaccurate.

The gangland-style, fist-pounding threat to “take out the sons of b_____s shouted by union leader Jimmy Hoffa Jr. is just the latest in a string of name-calling aimed at the TEA party and TEA partiers by Democrat leaders, mind you, not citizens but LEADERS! Democrat Vice President Joe Biden has called Tea partiers “terrorists” and “the barbarians at the door.” Congresswoman Maxine Waters told her audience that the TEA party can “go to hell.” Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid makes an amazing claim that TEA partiers are, “not American people.” In other recent speeches Democrats have claimed TEA partiers are racists and slave masters. This offensive language, the threats and totally untrue accusations should be condemned by all ordinary citizens.


President Chapman of the Local Tea Party recently had a letter published. The purpose of this letter is to “refudiate” the spurious statements she made regarding the core beliefs of the Tea Party.

While Ms. Chapman goes on at length to defend her Tea Party with zeal, one should question her proclamation that the TParty is a “political phenomenon of the 21st century.” Ms. Chapman, I was born at night, but it sure wasn’t last night. Tea Partiers are an old crusade in different packaging. How can you claim to be of the 21st century, while advocating the failed policies of the 18th century?


Federated Women’s Club genuinely desires to express our heartfelt appreciation to all who supported our recent annual flea market/boutique at Tartan Hall. Our families, friend and neighbors — once again — helped provide the club with wonderful and varied items to sell, and we were surely blessed with a steady multitude of spirited, serious shoppers.

Your continued loyalty enables Federated Franklin Women’s Club to provide numerous and vital outreach to the children of Macon County throughout the calendar year.


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