25th Annual Leaf Lookers GEMBOREE :: Friday, October 17 - Sunday, October 19 at the Macon County Community Building

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To those confused with the extreme conflict of interest.

I am Ronnie Smith, Founder of D.B.O.W.N.C. (Dedicated Bikers of Western North Carolina) and creator of the Ruby Bash Rally. This was the third annual and no problems! I feel it was a great success. Never could have done it without Karen Flowers and all the help we received. I say thank you!

Now the confusion created by Ronnie Havens big 2012 rally has caused me lots of grief. I was concerned about next year, but it came this year.


It is unfortunate that people fall for the scare tactics used by career politicians. One big untruth making the rounds is that the Tea Party wants to take away Social Security.

The fact is, the Tea Party desperately wants to preserve Social Security. We believe this can be done by making sure everyone 55 or above gets the benefits for which they have paid. Then we have to find a solution to keep it solvent for our younger workers.


In order to clear up the misconceptions that some people have, the following are the core beliefs of the Tea Party.

The Tea Party believes in fiscal responsibility. A failing economy, unsustainable entitlement programs, lack of transparency and accountability and a financial crisis awakened people to the need for fiscal responsibility in our government.


We traveled to Clayton, Ga., last week to attend a presentation featuring “The Transition Movement.” This movement started in Ireland, spread to the U.K. and is now being discussed in the U.S. Transition Towns are those that promote reduced energy consumption and less outside dependence on goods such as food and clothing. Victor Harris of Long Creek, S.C., was the presenter. He showed excerpts from the movie “The End of Suburbia” and then led a discussion on weaning ourselves from oil. There is consensus that oil has “peaked.” He asked for suggestions on what we as concerned citizens should do to facilitate a more sustainable community.


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