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In the spirit of the season, you can make a difference in the lives of people in our community with critical needs for safe and livable shelter. Our mission of providing home repairs/rehabs depends upon the financial support of folks who are able and willing to assist in this important endeavor. At this time, more than ever, we are in serious need of funds to help these desperate folks. Currently, we are waiting on funds to fill four requests for wheelchair ramps, costing approximately $2,000 each. Please help with these requests by sending your tax deductible gifts to: P.O. Box 1585, Franklin, NC 28744

Another way you can provide perpetual monetary assitance is by joining our Carpenters Club through which you would make monthly donations.


In response to last week’s editorial comments made by Larry Davis. Obesity is a nationwide problem, not just a Macon County one, and it has been highlighted in the news by public health advocates like Kathy McGaha for over a decade. I have a great respect for people like Ms. McGaha, who regardless of the obstacles placed before them, take action as opposed to those who stand by and criticize others. To only point out the negatives and not be a part of the obesity solution is nonproductive.

Ms. McGaha’s greatest strength is her ability to pull people together, build consensus and implement action plans to improve the health of her community. Her record as Director of Healthy Carolinians for more than a decade speaks for itself.


Larry Davis’ letter in the Dec. 8th issue of the MCN pointed out the importance of teachers and medical personnel setting examples of health and wellness for their patients or students. However, I feel this excellent message was lost by pointedly mentioning by name a woman he describes as “extremely obese” who is in an administrative position in the health care field. I think this naming was unnecessary, hurtful and in poor taste. I am surprised further more that you printed the lady’s name.


I just got my copy of the Dec. 8, Macon County News and began reading the “Letters to the Editor” and was appalled at the letter you printed by Larry Davis.

First of all, as a former now retired teacher in Macon County schools, I highly object to Mr. Davis’ opinion that “a visit to any of our public schools will show that a very high percentage of our teachers are obese.” It is very obvious to me that he has never visited any of our schools.


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