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I wish to address the controversy surrounding the Planning Board. Maybe, just maybe you’ll understand our fight against YOU and your quest to control our property and lives. The word “YOU” applies to all who want to add more government and regulations. The word “WE” applies to all of us who stand in opposition. The residents of Macon County are known for being fiercely independent. We love these mountains. We will give you the shirt off our back but start messing with our “stuff” (land, family, property rights etc) and you’ll have a fight!


Three years ago I set out with a vision to put together a donation drive to assist those individuals and families in our county that are in need. For the event to be a success, I knew it had to be an event outside the norm. After much thought and brainstorming, I came up with the name “Cold for a Cause”. I personally felt that if I am going to challenge the people of Macon County to support this event, I need to put forth my own personal challenge. That is where the 48 hours in the crane came about.


At times when difficult decisions are being considered, leaders may seek the counsel of community minded, experienced individuals for input and clarification of concepts and ideas pertaining to the problem at hand. With this obtained information, experience and opinions, the elected leadership can move forward and make a decision of what would be best for the community as a whole. What has happened here?

A published letter from one of our commissioners expressed dissatisfaction with the outcome of the recommendations the planning board was generating. This is another setback for Macon County. Attacking the messenger (planning board) and not dealing with the message is a form of political deflection.


Judging from last week’s letter to the editor, Ed Morris is confused about the funding sources for my 2010 campaign for the NC 50th district senate seat. It is entirely possible that I told him Art Pope contributed the $4000 maximum allowed by North Carolina law by an individual but I never told him it was the only contribution from the Pope family and I would never characterize $4000 as small.


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