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The recent alleged killing of Afghanistan men, women and children by a U.S. Army sergeant not only brought back memories of my own combat experience, it also made me realize how I may have contributed to these killings. My combat experience and knowledge of history reveal that these events are not unusual and/or unique in a combat zone. If we are going to be involved in war, we should expect these events. What is unusual and unique is this soldier was serving his fourth tour of duty in a war zone. To meet our military obligations, we have become dependent on an all volunteer army, which has resulted in repeated tours.


We’ve all heard the remark “Follow The Money”. It’s more important than ever to look behind all those proposals made by the current crop of Presidential candidates. Who is paying how much? Why? Whose pocket will those PAC dollars ultimately benefit?

Current positions taken by these men about Women’s Health Care are an abomination. We women need to look at the reasons for these remarks. Who is pulling the strings behind all the false, implausibly detrimental information.


Abraham Lincoln said “It is true that you may fool all of the people some of the time; you can even fool some of the people all of the time; but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.” In the 2010 election voters were fooled into electing a candidate whose campaign was largely financed with corporate money coming from outside this district. This money financed an attack campaign to smear his opponent, misrepresenting his record. Are local voters going to be fooled again in 2012? Will they vote for candidates whose campaigns outspend their opponents with money coming from outsiders? Will experienced candidates devoted to serving our community be defeated by big money again in this election cycle?


The controversy over the building of a K-4 school in the Iotla Valley near the airport has so far omitted hashing over the safety hazard of locating a school in that area. Why would parents want their children to be schooled in close proximity to the landing pattern of an airport? Why would teachers want to deal with the noise of takeoffs and landings whilie trying to keep students’ attention on schoolwork?

Perhaps now the amount of such activity at the airport is minimal and not seen as a problem. However if that area experiences the commercial expansion the county commissioners hope for we could expect a subsequent increase in air traffic.


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