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The North Carolina League of Conservation Voters recently gave North Carolina's Legislature the lowest score it has received since the League started issuing a yearly scorecard in 1999. You might expect some lowering with a new Republican majority in both chambers of the legislature in Raleigh. OK, but surely from a politically healthy perspective of different temperaments, geographic areas, and interests Republicans, including our own Republican Senator Davis, must have showed some variation in how they voted. But this was not the case. Every single Republican Senator voted in a lockstep pattern that earned an 8 percent rating for each of them, including Senator Davis. Where did they get this overreaching agenda? Not from the people of North Carolina and not from a broad-based Republican party but from a Republican party that has been skewed to the right by corporate interests.


One thing that should concern all American citizens is the obscene amount of money invading our political system and influencing everything we see and hear from most of our civic office-seekers.

One of Newt Gingriches’ most enthusiastic donors is one Sheldon Adelson, a multibillionaire who owns a significant portion of Las Vegas. He is equally passionate about defending Israel and insuring the security of the Jewish people. With over $21 billion in his checking account, supporting any candidate willing to start a war to achieve that aim is certainly affordable.


Concerning government spending and tax collection, one of TMCN&SG’s columnists recently said “The main focus needs to be on how to reduce spending–not collecting.”

The democrats (with a little “d”) who wrote the Articles of Confederation placed such a focus into the Articles. The national government could raise money only by requesting it from the states. The states could give a lesser amount than asked for or nothing at all. This had the effect of making it very difficult for the national government to borrow money. Lenders did not want to lend to a borrower that might not be able to get the money to pay them back. So the national government, little able to either borrow or tax, was much hampered in how much it could spend.


We all know it is HARD, HARD economic times these days. Our state is struggling to come up with a budget that can maintain needed services for children and families. In fact, many of the programs we know today will no longer be there tomorrow. The Children’s Home remains committed to continuing to serve as many children and families as possible. Now more than ever – traditional and therapeutic foster parents are needed to provide homes for children who are in need of temporary and sometimes permanent shelter & care.

You Can Help! The Children’s Home is looking for folks just like you to provide a loving and positive environment for the many children referred to them, needing a loving and stable home.


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